Has 'Big Brother' Had A Twin Twist Before?

by Maitri Suhas

Are you already deep within a haze of Big Brother 17, fueled by summer weather that makes it impossible to go outside right now and the sheer amount of TWISTS the show is throwing at you!? Then you're probably wondering, what up with that Big Brother Twin Twist? And have they tried to pull off something of this magnitude of Crazy before? They certainly have — the Twin Twist was first attempted, and pulled off successfully, all the way back in Season 5 of Big Brother.

So basically, here's the gist for Big Brother 17: this season might be the trickiest yet, as the show will be assaulted with twist after twist with a new twist announced every single week. And just one of those twists is the Twin Twist, which is a revival of an old twist — a Retro Twist, if you will. In Season 5 of Big Brother in 2004, the twins were Adria Klein and Natalie Carroll. The rules were that, if the twins could successfully dupe the rest of the contestants in the house by switching places for five weeks without being detected, they would be allowed to enter the competition individually, revealing they were two and not one and blowing everybody's minds. IT'S A TWIST TO END THEM ALL.

The Twin Twist was revived this season for Big Brother 17 by Julie Chen. But, after some concentrated googling by the fans, they figured out that current Big Brother houseguest Liz Nolan has a twin, who she's done some modeling with already. So does that mean that she's the twin of the aforementioned twist? Wouldn't that be too obvious? Some, including Kadeen Griffiths from Bustle, think that CBS wouldn't be that lazy about trying to hide who the twin is, and that maybe there could be another houseguest that has an identical sibling involved in their trickery.

But wait, you say. These houseguests are intelligent, competitive people; they can't possibly be fooled by a Parent Trap style switcheroo, can they? You might be surprised. When the twin twist was first tried out in the Big Brother house with Adria and Natalie, they lasted a surprisingly long time:

The twins switched places 10 times in the first five weeks in the house and each time, they only had 15 minutes in the Diary Room to catch each other up on what was going on in the game. It was a tricky tightrope walk for the girls, but they totally nailed it.

Alas, neither of the ladies won that season, but Adria made it eight weeks and Natalie made it nine, and that's no small potatoes, considering that, for the first five weeks, they had to pretend to be one single person. And, when they finally revealed that Natalie and Adria were two separate people, it practically made the rest of the houseguests implode for one of the most memorable reality television moments ever.

So are Liz and Julia actually the twins that will be twisting on Big Brother 17? And, now that the public is in the know about who in the house has a twin (well, one of the contestants), when will the twist be revealed on the show? IS THE TWIN ALREADY IN THE HOUSE?

From the photos available of Liz and Julia, they really ARE identical, and, with all the pressure and stress of competition clouding the BB17 house, they could definitely pull one over on the rest of the contestants. I don't know what the future holds for the duo, though, so it's really anyone's guess at this point.

Things change so often in the house, it can be hard to keep track — so, for all the up-to-date info on Liz and Julia, as well as everything else Big Brother, check out Bustle's very own Big Brother podcast, The Diary Room. Listen to the latest episode below, and be sure to check out future episodes on Bustle’s SoundCloud page.

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Image: CBS