Celebs Can Now "Verify" Their Tinder Profiles

Everyone's favorite dating app is getting some seriously cool features: Sure, the new hands-free Tinder that lets your heart rate determine your virtual love life is pretty high-tech, but the latest update holds an even better secret, IMO — celebrities can now be verified on Tinder. Yep, you read that right. The next time you're mindlessly swiping and come across a photo of Selena Gomez, don't automatically swipe left because you think it is clearly a catfish. Just look for a little blue checkmark and with a little luck, soon you could be — gasp! — dating an actual celebrity.

After news broke recently that Hilary Duff — 90s Disney sweetheart turned hot mom — was an actual, real Tinder user, I couldn't believe my ears. Don't get me wrong, I was so happy for her and her journey to find a new man, but like...who would ever swipe right on me again knowing that Hilary effing Duff was floating around out there in the cyber dating world?! And the Duffster isn't the only high-profile dating app fiend either: Stars like Katy Perry and Lindsay Lohan have also admitted to getting their right-swipe on. It makes sense that Tinder has had this new feature in the works for months: Apparently, celebs are among the most left-swiped users because people are so wary that they're fake. Hey guys, celebs are people, too, and they're certainly not immune to the addiction of online dating, especially given their busy schedules.

Without further ado, here are the totally real, definitely-not-invented-by-me Tinder bios of 6 celebs who have copped to using the dating app. BRB, searching for my rich, sexy, celeb soulmate, one swipe at a time.

1. Hilary Duff, 27

"Don't worry — my cartoon alter ego isn't allowed to come on dates with me."

2. Lindsay Lohan, 29

"Tired of rumors starting...yep, it's the real me. I'll unmatch you if you mention: The Parent Trap, my mugshot, or the word 'fetch'."

3. Josh Groban, 34

"Yes, I know the last time I was relevant was during Crazy, Stupid, Love. Happily taken by Kat, looking for friends (or threesome partners)."

4. Katy Perry, 30

"I kissed a girl...and I still like it. *cherry emoji* *tongue emoji* *cat emoji*"

5. Britney Spears, 33

"Only on here cuz Jimmy Fallon made me, lol. Oops...I Tindered again!"

6. Chelsea Handler, 40

"Bringing Chuy on all of our dates, you can bring the vodka."

Images: Giphy (6)