James Franco is the King of Viral Parodies

James Franco is a man of many talents. A writer, an artist, a mediocre Oscar host, and the occasional parody-er... parodyist.. par — he's really good at parodying things. Like the hilarious scene-for-scene reenactment of Kanye West's "Bound 2" music video he starred in opposite Seth Rogen. The original vid featured Kanye and a topless Kim Kardashian riding into the sunset, cut between Kanye rocking a tie-dye tee and singing into the camera. Rogen plays Kardashian, without a shirt, straddling Franco as Kanye while he lip-raps the original lyrics.

But this hilarious rendition, while it will surely elicit a reaction from Yeezus himself, is a whole lot of man-on-man action, complete with Rogen tossing his hair in the wind, and Franco dancing in front of a green screen. But this isn't the first awesome parody Franco has composed. To refresh your memory, let's watch the "Bound 3" music video again (because how many times is too many, really?). Then take a look at Franco's other top hits, from a pseudo Justin Bobby to portraying another chart-topping singer, Justin Bieber.

"Bound 3"

What if Kimye was actually the two make stars of Pineapple Express?


James Franco and Pretty Little Liars actress Ashely Benson starred in a terribly terrible movie called Spring Breakers together. They also starred in this awesomely awesome music video mockery of Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend".

The Hills

James Franco, presumably portraying unkempt Justin Bobby, has the boyfriend/girlfriend talk with Mila Kunis, presumably portraying Audrina. What ensues is a lot of awkward pauses, wide-eyed glances and hair flips.

Himself, a la Pineapple Express

Remember when James Franco hosted the Oscars with Anne Hathaway and everybody hated it? ...Too soon? Well there were a few memorable funny moments during their hosting gig, notably this short starring Franco and Rogen in their Pineapple Express roles.

Himself, a la Gucci Advertisement

Because if James Franco doesn't know how to pronounce "Gucci," the rest of us are all gonna turn out fine.