This Is Where Americans Go To Cheat

Ashley Madison, the site that prides itself on being on the forefront of the cheating business has surveyed its members to find out where Americans cheat the most, because what goes together better than cheating and traveling? Chocolate and peanut butter? That might be the only thing! According to this latest survey, which picked the brain of 106,312 members of Ashley Madison, 48.4 percent of men and 32.1 percent of women have cheated on their spouses when they’ve traveled to other countries. It seems that once people go through customs in a faraway land, they get on Ashley Madison, see who’s around to screw, and go for it. Spain isn’t quite Spain, if you don’t have a sidepiece, apparently.

As Noel Biderman, CEO and founder of Ashley Madison explains in this most recent press release:

“There’s no better time to pursue a discreet affair than when you’re hundreds or even thousands of miles away from home. Many of our members are executives, business owners and entrepreneurs where travel is part of the job. Mixing business with pleasure is an easy way to have an out-of-town hookup without the concern of being caught.”

Oh, Noel.

The study also found that when it came to home turf, The Jefferson in Washington DC is the most popular place for an affair, because, well, politicians, obviously. But back to cheating on foreign soil. Here are the most popular countries for people to cheat on their spouses.

6. Japan

Japan may not be on the women’s top five countries in which to cheat, but for guys it’s in fourth place at 8.3 percent. Sushi and sex, anyone?

5. Germany

With 9.3 percent of women thinking that Germany is great for cheating, making it fourth in line for them, only 6.4 percent of men agreed. But why, guys? Beer! They have beer! And schnitzel!

4. Mexico

Although Mexico is at third place for men, with 11.6 percent of them choosing it as a great place to cheat on their S.O., it came in fifth place for women. Only 5.9 percent of women felt that Mexico was a good place for an affair, but maybe some tequila will change that thinking.

3. Australia

In third place for the ladies is Australia ― I’m guessing it’s an accent thing on this one. According to the survey 13.8 percent of women are on the prowl to cheat in Australia. Men, however, do not have Australia in their top five at all.

2. United Kingdom

Considering the tight upper lip the Brits tend to have, it’s funny that it would the UK would be a popular place for people to decide to stray. But for 17.3 percent for men and 16.4 percent of women, UK just can’t be beat when it comes to the cheat ― rhymes!

1. Canada

In first place for both men and women is Canada. Although it may not seem like the most romantic country in the world, for 23.1 percent of men and 22.7 percent women, that was the place to meet up with someone and cheat... probably right after a plate of poutine. Everyone loves poutine.

Images: Fotolia; Giphy(6)