11 Songs For Fall, Because Summer Sucks

Contrary to popular belief, summer is not the best season. In fact, it's the exact opposite. Summer, particularly when you live in places that take the terms "heat" and "humidity" to tortuously high new levels, is the absolute worst. It's gross, it's sticky, you get sweaty within five minutes of getting out of the shower, and even when you have an air conditioner, your body temperature goes back and forth between melting point and Arctic freeze. In all seriousness, the only good things about summer are BBQs and... actually, that's it — and I can eat hamburgers & hot dogs in every season, so even that doesn't stand. You always hear people talking about the "Song of the Summer", that one jam that becomes the anthem for an entire generation when the weather is scorching and you're joyriding around in your BFF's convertible, or whatever it is people who actually go outside in this season actually do. But what about the autumn anthems? They're less obvious, perhaps, but as the mercury rises, they're more necessary than ever.

Autumn is a special time for music. It's a bit quieter, more contemplative, more chill. It's not all beach balls and heavy bass, and I love it for that reason. So if you want to chill out and get in the mood for the best season ever (this is not up for discussion), here's a playlist to do just that.

Alt-J, "Tessellate"

I really love Alt-J's moody alt-rock vibe, though admittedly they are a very seasonal listen for me, and it's during the colder seasons I find myself playing their albums. "Tessellate" is a track from their first album, but it's still one of my favorite tracks of theirs. Feel that cool autumn breeze yet?

Jessie Ware, "Tough Love"

Jessie Ware is an all-seasons lesson and a total queen, but autumn just suits her. "Tough Love" is one of those romantic jams that make you want to cuddle up in bed with someone special and watch the leaves change colors outside your window. Ugh, I want it now!

Drake, "Hold On, We're Going Home"

This Drake track does double duty, because it's good for late night summer drives AND for when the weather cools down. It's just a jam all-around, and makes me want to wear a varsity jacket and go sit in the woods around a campfire or something. Just... go with that visual.

Amy Winehouse, "Love Is A Losing Game"

There's never a bad time to listen to Amy Winehouse, but the cooler seasons lend a particular beauty to her warm, husky, soulful voice. It's like her voice is laid bare like the trees when the leaves all start falling off and oh man, I'm getting sentimental now.

Disclosure featuring Sam Smith, "Latch"

I'm not quite sure why I put this song on this playlist, other than that I associate "Latch" with autumn because that's when I first heard it. It has a lot of groove to it and a higher BPM than some of the other tracks on here, but it's another one of those "get close to someone you love" songs.

London Grammar, "Strong"

London Grammar's lead singer Hannah Reid has an incredibly haunting voice that just resonates from the very first note, and this song is perfect for those late autumn days before winter, when the days are much shorter and night comes again as quickly as it left.

FKA Twigs, "Pendulum"

Basically every single song Twigs has ever done could be on this list and be perfectly suitable, but I've got a soft spot for "Pendulum" (among others), so that's what we're going with. Sit back, listen, and enjoy those chill autumn vibes.

Sam Cooke, "Mean Old World"

Night Beat is one of my favorite albums ever, and I love every single song on it, but "Mean Old World" just has that extra something special that reminds me of warm sweaters and hot cups of tea and that's enough for me to put it on this list.

Ellie Goulding, "Explosions"

The entire Halcyon album came out in autumn, if I remember correctly, so it makes sense that I would associate songs from it with fall, and indeed I do. "Explosions" is a highlight and I love it, and that's all the reason I need for it to be here.

Rae Morris, "Do You Even Know?"

You may have never heard of Rae Morris before, so you're welcome for the introduction. She does these amazingly moody, ethereal tracks that just suit the colder weather so perfectly. I promise you'll love it.

Florence + The Machine, "Never Let Me Go"

You couldn't do an autumn playlist without a bit of Florence, right? If "Never Let Me Go" isn't your speed, you can substitute it with the Flo track of your choice and it'll be just as good.

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