How Would You Die On 'Game Of Thrones'?

We've all thought about how we'll eventually leave this world at some point or another. That's because the concept of death can be just as fascinating as it is terrifying. The same can be said in regards to the many gruesome Game of Thrones deaths we've experienced throughout the years. Some of them have been downright horrifying, and yet I could never convince myself to look away. Why? Well, I'm a huge American Horror Story buff, so I'm pretty much immune to everything by now. But aside from that, as a whole, these GoT character demises tend to stick with us more than others because of just how creative the deaths are. I mean, how often do you see someone get thrown through a Moon Door or burnt to a crisp by a fire-breathing dragon? Hardly ever these days. And that's why we keep putting ourselves through this agonizing torture: because this show truly is a unique entity.

But what would your own Game of Thrones death story look like? And don't act like you've never thought about it before because you totally have. Are you more likely the type of person who would be beheaded or would you perhaps suffer at the hand of a White Walker? If all men must die, then it's high time we all take a moment to figure out what our particular end would look like. Simply find the personality description below that best fits you and see which corresponding GoT death lies in your future. (Well, fictional future, at least.) For the night is dark and full of terrors…

Death By Beheading

Like Ned Stark you are noble and loyal to a fault, especially in regards to those you love. You are loved by all and always do the right thing, even if it means sacrificing what you want in the process. It's an admirable trait, but tends to make you feel like you're getting the short end of the stick (or sharp end of the sword) more often than not. It's an honorable death, though, which is what you deserve when the time comes.

Death By Stabbing

Ugh, this scene. You fight for what you believe in and have a tendency to accomplish anything you put your mind to. But be careful — some will find that strength and confidence intimidating, which may make you prone to getting stabbed in the back… and not just figuratively.

Death By Dragon Fire

You love sponteneity above all else and seek out adventure wherever you can find it. However, your tendency to jump into things without thinking it through could lead to some rather heated consequences. As the saying goes: if you play with fire, you're going to get burned.

Death By White Walker

Clearly, you've watched one too many episodes of The Walking Dead. Why else would you ever venture beyond the Wall? I'd steer clear of Valyrian steel from now on if I were you.

Death By Poisoning

Popularity was never your strong suit, but that's just because many find your ambitious nature to be a bit unnerving. You know what you want and you do whatever you can to get it. You make a point of never trusting people and rarely let your guard down, which is what makes poison the ideal choice for your demise. Anything less subtle you'd see coming from a mile away.

Death By Moon Door

You're a dreamer and sometimes find it difficult to differentiate between fantasy and reality. You let your heart rule over your head, which makes falling in love one of your greatest strengths (and weaknesses). Proceed with caution, for the next guy that you fall for could very well be your last.

Death By The Porcelain Throne

You definitely appreciate a good sense of irony.

Death By Old Age

You're smart and cunning and exude a presence that demands respect. It's the only explanation as to how you managed to make it out of this world without being murdered. It's one of the most rare and shocking ways to die on this series by far, proving that you truly are one of a kind. I applaud your political savvy.

Death By A Shadow Creature (AKA: Smoke Baby)

You never thought of yourself as a religious person, but when a shadow demon sent by the Lord of Light attacks you, you start to seriously question your belief system (as well as your own sanity). You also probably don't have the greatest relationship with your siblings, which is their loss, really, because you're actually extremely kind and fun to be around. Too bad those sort of attributes almost never come in handy when battling for the Iron Throne. It's either kill or be killed, and unfortunately, my friend, you've fallen into the latter category. RIP.

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