This Pretty Little Liar is giving me a major case of #HairGoals. Lucy Hale went blonde, and I absolutely love this coloring on her. Although, I think I’d envy her hair no matter what she did, TBH. The brown was nice and all, but I am digging Hale as a blonde.

The actress has gone from lob to bob, and now to blonde. I think it’s great that she’s constantly mixing it up with her look. This new color couldn’t be more perfect for summer. I mean, you know what they say — blondes do have more fun, after all. So I hope she’s living up with her latest hair transformation.

Fair hair die-hards, don't get too excited, her hair isn’t entirely blonde — it’s got more of an ombre effect, but it’s still more blonde than we’ve seen her go before. I don’t blame her for easing into this lighter shade, but after getting a little taste of how it looks, all I have to say is: feel free to dye it all super blonde! I bet it would look amazing.

Get a look at Hale’s new ‘do below! Not too many pictures have been taken of the look yet, but you can still check it out from a few angles. I can’t wait to see more and more of blonde Hale!

Bow down.

I'm loving how the hair is matching the jacket.

Get a glimpse of those blonde tips. How cute does she look?

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Here's a shot of her with brown locks for comparison.

Who else is contemplating going blonde right now? I know I definitely am.

Image: Getty Images