9 Transparent Fashion Pieces Because See-Through Style Is Clearly The Best

The heat is rising this summer, so if you want to add an injection of kooky cool into your wardrobe, layer up with transparent fashion. Thought layers were just for autumn and winter? Think again! With light, clear layers of see–through pieces you'll be able to stay cool in the sweltering heat while layering to your heart's content.

Celebs such as Katy Perry and Lady Gaga have been seen flaunting this plastic fantastic trend like modern day, real life Barbie dolls. This trend is fun and youthful and IMO reminds me of a cross between Leeloo's style and a cheeky take on The Jetsons ' fashions.

Transparent style melds futuristic fashion with a retro '90s twist to bring us something that is timeless. Make it clear to everyone that you like to have fun with fashion.

The See-Through Skirt

Keep it classic with this awesome transparent skirt that you can wear over your favorite pieces to add a futuristic feel to your outfit.

“The Plastics” Clear PVC Skirt, $39, thecreepsstore.bigcartel.com

The Heart Embellished Choker

This choker is totally ’90s and would be perfect for a pastel goth. Choose from pink, purple, or turquoise to match your outfit.

Transparent Choker With Acrylic Hearts, $18, etsy.com

The See-Through Strip Skater

Flirt with transparent fashion in this cute skater dress that is throwing out major Leeloo vibes.

Women’s Skater Mesh Transparent Evening Party Mini Dress, $35, amazon.com

The Half Transparent Bangle

Play with opaque and transparent materials with this vintage lucite bangle.

Vintage Clear Lucite Bangle, $20, etsy.com

The Mermaid Peek-A-Boo Top

Channel Ariel with this sci-fi shell bra inspired top.

Mermaid Glitterati PVC Top, $34, thecreepsstore.bigcartel.com

The Chic See-Through Earrings

Transparent fashion can also be glam — check out these sophisticated see–through earrings.

Acrylic Bar Ear Jackets, $5, forever21.com

The Transparent Mod Mac

Channel ’60s style in this mod inspired transparent jacket.

Jack Wills Transparent Mod Mac, $112, asos.com

The Hello Kitty Inspired Wedges

Transparent needn’t just be futuristic, it can also be adorable! These Hello Kitty inspired clear wedges hold lots of tiny, red bows in the heel to ensure you look feminine and fun.

Window To Your Wonder Wedge, $220, modcloth.com

The See-Through Sunnies

See clearly in these modern, transparent framed sunglasses.

Alexander Wang Transparent Frame Sunglasses, $152, asos.com