7 Songs Every Taurus Should Embrace

There's a lot to be said about how everyone of different astrological signs relates to music. I, for the record, am a Taurus — and, every once in a while when I embrace my bullish side, it becomes apparent that I, like every Taurus, respond to very specific forms of art. From movies to music to TV to podcasts, certain things just speak to Taureans more than other things do — and for those moments when every Taurus decides to embrace their inner bull, it's important to seek those forms of art out. This is, of course, the main reason I've selected a slew of songs that every Taurus should place on their iTunes immediately.

I mean, OK, I don't really know your own musical persuasions, I know that being ruled under Venus doesn't make you necessarily more interested in pop versus grindcore witch house jungle punk. Like, for example, if I was going to make a distinctly Mary Grace mix CD, it would be all Fiona Apple, Morrissey, and Lana Del Rey. "Songs to Sob Heavily To" would probably be the working title.

But, based on the qualities and tastes of the average Taurus, these would definitely still resonate. So without any delay, here's a few select Taurus anthems that would should give a whirl, you beautiful bull, you.

1. Blondie - "One Way Or Another"

I really debated opening the list with this, basically because it's like everyone's first karaoke song. But then I was like, "Oh, take off your beanie and Grizzly Adams beard, Mary Grace, it's classic." Debbie Harry sings of a rare (and, let's be objective for a second, scary) stubborn persistence in "One Way Or Another." And though the Blondie leading lady is actually a Cancer, that mentality is pure Taurus.

2. La Roux - "Bulletpoof"

"Bulletproof" works on an astrological level because it's a symbol of our inner strength. It also has the word "bull" within the title.


3. Adele - "Rumor Has It"

True story, Adele is a Taurus! And this song, which features the singer as both extremely observant (keeping track of all those rumors), and weirdly jealous (you don't smack talk your ex's ex for no reason) shows another dark side of a Taurus in love. But it's important to note that the song ends not with endless waiting around (which is ANOTHER bad in-love quality we're guilty of), but with the narrator uncharacteristically moving on. You go, Adele.

4. Haim - "Don't Save Me"

While there is some emphasis on the waiting around again... and the persistence... and the begging and badgering your lover to stay... I focus on the positives. Taureans CAN be very independent when they're not infatuated with someone, and I think the beauty of this song is in the actual "don't save me" chant towards the end. It showcases a desire to break free, that you don't need saving, and everyone should channel that.

5. The Cardigans - "I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer"

Taureans have a hidden practical side and a side that enjoys creature comforts. So, what else is more fitting than a song where you cut the bullshit and get a glad of vino. Own it. You deserve that merlot.

6. Patti Smith - "Dancing Barefoot"

Taurus is an Earth sign, and that earthiness is typically what characterizes us. "Dancing Barefoot" makes the list not particularly because of the lyrics, but because of this almost hippie-like concept of dancing without shoes, plus the enchantingly serene vibe.

7. Sleater-Kinney - "Fangless"

What's there to say? The song talks about how you're broken down but not undone. Hashtag resilience. Hashtag power. Hashtag star song.

Hashtag Taurus.