Why Is Anna Wintour In Her Bathrobe?

Move over, supermodels and pop stars... the first lady of fashion wants to show you how it's done. Anna Wintour posed for Mario Testino's Towel Series in her bathrobe and absolutely slayed. Vogue's Editor-in-Chief is the 82nd subject in Testino's ongoing photo project that features fashion icons like Kate Moss and celebrities like Justin Bieber wearing nothing but a towel (or robe, in some cases).

Wintour's Towel Series photo was shot in black and white and shows the editor in her signature bob and half smile/smirk. Her arms are crossed to show that she remains confident even in such a classy state of "undress," yet she's not wearing her trademark sunglasses. She is looking right into the camera as if to say that anything that the beautiful and relatively younger people that appear in her magazine can do, she can do better.

Vogue's EIC also looks quite comfortable posing for her longtime collaborator Testino, who recently photographed Princess Charlotte's royal christening as well as Wintour's passport photos. The legendary photographer's casual style is what drew Wintour to his work, which has appeared several times in her magazine.

"He's not a pretentious person, his work is for everybody," Wintour said about Testino in 2012.

There's no denying the influence that Wintour has on fashion, and to some degree, pop culture. However, there have been a few times, like her Towel Series photograph, when she has followed a trend or was a few steps behind a trend that others (with considerably less knowledge and appreciation for high fashion) have done before her.

Here are three examples of Wintour arriving fashionably late to the game, but still putting her personal stamp on it like a BOSS.

1. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Ambitious and tough... with a heart of gold.

2. Kimye

Wintour put the controversial couple on the cover of Vogue, but she has vowed to never take a selfie like Kim (yet).

3. Blue Steel

Even with the glasses, she's totally upstaging Zoolander and Hansel in this photo.

Images: Voguemagazine/Instagram (2); Vogue/Facebook