Caitlyn Jenner Fixes Her Chipped Nail Like A Pro

Being surrounded all her life by the gorgeous Kardashians and, of course, her beauty and style guru daughters Kendall and Kylie Jenner, it's no surprise that Caitlyn Jenner also loves pampering and primping. But beauty isn't always fun and games, as she quickly learned. In her latest Instagram video, Caitlyn Jenner showed that painting nails can be a struggle, although I'm actually very impressed by her skill. Everyone who's ever painted their nails knows the heart-dropping feeling of accidentally denting, poking, smudging, or smearing a fresh coat of nail polish, and in this video, Jenner showed how annoying it really can be to try to fix it.

What's worse than ruining a three-day-old mani is ruining it during that deceivingly awkward phase where the polish looks dry, but it's actually still wet. That's the exact problem that Jenner recently tackled in her Instagram video. The caption said, "Still getting the hang of this. What do you think of the color?"

I love how adorably humble she is! Cait, don't worry...even when you do get the hang of it, that kind of stuff always happens. Oh, and the color is gorg! Can't ever go wrong with periwinkle.

In the short clip, Jenner shows her trying to paint over a nail that she probably accidentally ruined while she was waiting for them to dry. However, on a positive note, check out all her other nails. They look perfectly opaque and her cuticles are non-existent. Looks like she's already gotten the hang of it!

If you're anything like Caitlyn and have been looking for a way to prevent dents and smudges from happening, there are fun little finger caps called Helmies that you can wear. But if the damage has already been done, it sometimes helps to just put a small glob of nail polish right in the crevice of the dent and smooth out any extra polish to the rest of your nail. As for smudges, it's best to remove your nail polish entirely and start from the base coat all over again. Above all, be sure to wait until all your other nails have dried, so you don't run the risk of ruining those as well.

Here's a quick video on how to fix chipped polish quick from our friends at Popsugar.

Images: caitlynjenner; Popsugar/YouTube