Is 'Game Of Thrones' Taking Over Fashion Weeks And Haute Couture?

Right now, most Game Of Thrones fans are freaking out about what Comic-Con's panel this weekend said about whether John Snow is still alive and making a return for Season 6 or not. The fashion world is also buzzing about the show, but for different reasons; fall collections have fashion critics asking if Game of Thrones is influencing couture fashion. Sure, GOT fashion is one of the highlights of the murderous hour each week — but is couture really about to go full Daenerys?

While you shouldn't expect your local H&M to start carrying brocade robes or chainmail suits any time soon, there are definitely some pieces from last week's autumn/winter shows in Paris that wouldn't look totally out of place in Cersei Lannister's wardrobe — from ethereal floral headpieces to metallic tank tops to velvet capes.

It's not just the seemingly medieval fashions that made their way down the runway in Paris that had critics pondering the connection, either: Melisandre — actress Candice van Houten — was sitting front row at Schiaparelli. What designer wouldn't be a little influenced by their customers and friends? You know, the kind they put in the front row. The actress told The Guardian that any influence is likely not just copy-catting: "The original costume designer is a very talented, interesting woman and might have influenced certain designers, but she was also inspired by them. It’s a two-way thing."

While some critics are claiming that GOT's influence on Paris' A/W 2016 shows this weekend is absolutely undeniable, many designers are playing coy and remaining tight-lipped about whether or not their Sunday evening viewing habits have inspired their collections.

Justin O'Shea, a buyer, thinks that there's no coincidence at all and points out that TV's influence on fashion has precedence. “Game of Thrones was part of my fall 2013 trend presentation,” he told The Guardian. “Jon Stark fur collars and big-hooded Victorian coats were all over the runways. I am a firm believer that the most influential TV series do impact the way people dress. Mad Men is a perfect example.”

While the clothing worn in Westeros might not seem that practical for daily wear, I think sporting chainmail to 7/11 would be so badass. Only time will tell if Game Of Thrones' sartorial influence will be fully embraced by couture.

Images: HBO; smoda/Twitter