Taylor Swift, Newest X-Men Member?

It's only July, but Taylor Swift is having the greatest year ever. Her hit album 1989 is a smash, her boyfriend Calvin Harris seems to be a good match, and her giant group of celebrity friends just continues to grow. Recently, the singer even hung out with the stars of X-Men: Apocalypse, sending the rumor mill ablaze that Tay-Tay would be joining the superhero crew. Unfortunately, according to E!, X-Men and Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner confirmed that Swift isn't set to appear in X-Men: Apocalypseright now, anyway. But let's face it, Tay-Tay wouldn't join the X-Men — the X-Men would join her posse. And it would be epic.

Just look at how it all started; a few days ago, X-Men: Apocalypse producer Simon Kinberg tweeted a photo of Swift chilling with him, Turner, and star James McAvoy. Folks freaked out, thinking that the pop sensation would be the newest addition to the wildly popular movie franchise. Turner, though, debunked that rumor at San Diego Comic Con when asked about it by E!'s Kristen Dos Santos on Sunday, July 11. "We just went to her concert and then I guess she wanted to meet us and we really wanted to meet her so we just hung out with her for a bit," Turner says in the video interview. "Played a couple of drinking games. It was awesome."

See, Taylor's already incorporated the X-Men stars into her famous gang. It got me thinking: What would it be like if the actual X-Men superheroes were to join Tay-Tay's posse? Here's what I think the TSwift X-Men would be like.

Storm: Makes The Weather Always Bright

In order to keep Swift dressed in those crop tops she loves so dearly, Storm always makes sure that the weather is bright, sunny, and best suited for Tay's fun outfits. It's an absolute must.

Beast: Provides The Muscle

Every crew needs some muscle, and so does Swift's posse. Not only will Beast pounce on anyone who dare messes with Ms. Swift, but he'll also use his superhuman strength to open any jars and lift what needs to be lifted.

Magneto: Becomes Her On & Off-Again Love

Forget Calvin Harris (and give him to me) — Magneto would join Taylor's crew as that lusty, powerful man she just seems to be drawn to. Of course, they keep breaking each other's hearts and Magneto keeps creating space between them by manipulating magnetic fields. But don't worry, all this agony will lead to her next hit album.

Jean Grey: Shakes Off The Haters

Jean Grey uses her powers of telepathy to control the press and all those pesky haters. She shakes them off for Tay-Tay and makes them respect the pop star instead of criticize her.

Nightcrawler: Acts As The Traveling Roadie

How is Swift doing this worldwide tour and not looking winded at all? Look no further than the teleporting Nightcrawler, who would happily take her equipment place to place within the blink of an eye.

Professor X: Becomes The Father Figure

Every crew needs a sage adviser, a father-like figure to keep everyone in line and to share his experiences with. That would be Professor X. Taylor would turn to him for advice on how to handle music streaming issues, what to do when Magneto pushes her away, and how to choose a name for her next album.

Oh yeah, Tay's new crew would be super with these guys involved. And hey, it could happen: she is already friends with Jennifer Lawrence...

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