Maisie Williams & Daniel Radcliffe Take A Selfie At Comic-Con, So What If Arya Stark Went To Hogwarts?

Okay, it's official: Maisie Williams wins the San Diego Comic-Con. Always. At 2014's Con, Williams came to one party dressed in a dress literally made out of a graphic novel, because she's a genius and we are not worthy. This year, our sweet Arya Stark took a selfie with Harry Potter. Or I guess with Daniel Radcliffe, as we should call him, now that it's been four years since the last of the films came out. It's probably past time to start acknowledging that he's a real person. But regardless, come on dudes, you're killing me here. Seeing the two of them hanging out, even outside their respective franchises, is not only giving me FOMO through the roof, but it's also making me fantasize about a potential Game of Thrones and Harry Potter crossover. Obviously, there's magic in both Westeros and the world of Hogwarts, so it wouldn't be too jarring, but I think there are characters who would adjust way better than others.

For example, I think Harry would die in about 30 seconds if he was somehow dropped into the war over the Iron Throne, because he's always had a bit more courage than sense, and that's a great way to get yourself killed in Westeros. Especially if he had to do it without the help of Hermione Granger. I suspect there'd be a green-eyed, lightning-scarred, bespectacled head on a spike before you could say "Expelliarmus." But if it were the other way around, with Arya Stark making her way around Hogwarts, I think it'd be a very different story. Here's how I think it'd go down.

She'd Be A Griffyndor

That's just a given, although I'm betting she'd also be friends with members of every House. Except maybe Hufflepuff.

... But Wouldn't Take Any Sass From The Sorting Hat

"If you put me in Slytherin, I'll slit your bloody throat."

She'd Find Passages In The Castle That No One Knows About

The Weasley twins have finally met their match!

She Would've Figured Out Professor Quirrell On Day One

This would have made the entire first book irrelevant, so it's probably good that bumbling old Harry didn't have a suspicious Arya over his shoulder, telling him to look into the professor with the talking turban.

She'd Get A Dark Mark Just To Be A Bad Ass

She wouldn't use it for anything sinister. Just, you know, to sneak around into Death Eater meetings.

She'd Be In The Order Of The Phoenix For Sure

Sure, she's young, but she's not gonna stop bothering you until you relent and let her be a part of the group. You might as well embrace it.

But She'd Also Be Chill With Nagini

For as terrified as everyone else is by a giant, intelligent snake, I think Nagini would be right up Arya's alley. It's not her fault she's owned by Voldemort!

She'd Read Zero Books

Arya strikes me as more of the street-smart type than the book-smart type. She'd be bottom of her class as far as marks, but know more than every single one of her classmates combined.

She'd Never Say "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named"

"What are you all so afraid of?? VOLDEMORT VOLDEMORT VOLDEMORT."

She Would've Stabbed Draco Malfoy On The First Day Of School

Just because she didn't like the look of him.

She'd Live In Hogsmeade

Screw the dorms and their rules — Arya would've somehow wrangled an arrangement with the innkeeper that kept her flush in butterbeer and a room without ever having to shell out a penny.

Her Patronus Would Be A Direwolf

Winter is coming ... for you, you dumb old Dementors.

Boggarts Would Turn Into Members Of Her Family Being Killed Whenever She Was Near

Heavy stuff.

Bottom line: It'd be a tough transition from roaming free and independent to enrolling in a school for Witchcraft and Wizardry, but I'm pretty sure Arya would find a way to make it work. After all, that's kind of her thing.

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