Zayn Malik Slams Naughty Boy On Twitter

Your Monday morning may have consisted of everyday things like rolling out of bed and stumbling to Starbucks, but in between rubbing the sleep from your eyes and that first sip of coffee, Zayn Malik slammed Naughty Boy on Twitter and the world forever changed. And because the One Direction fandom is speedy AF, "#ZAYNHASNOCHILL" immediately started trending and the reaction GIFs and pics were comin' in hot. #ZAYNHASNOCHILL is right, but he's like an icebox compared to the 1D fans, whose chill is probably buried in the center of the Earth somewhere.

It's no secret that ever since Malik quit One Direction, he quickly ditched those plans to be a "normal 22-year-old" and instead frequently hit up the studio with Naughty Boy, a decision that caused an ungodly amount of tension between the fans and Malik. It also ignited the mother of all feuds between Naughty Boy and Louis Tomlinson, who often duked it out on Twitter only for Malik to slam his former bandmate and therefore destroy the entire #Zouis friendship.

But now — well, now, things are different because Zayn Malik just took the producer to task on Twitter, calling him a a "fat joke" who should "stop pretending we're friends." Malik also referenced Naughty Boy "uploading a video," which is the controversy that may be at the heart of the whole matter. WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!

It seems like the vid in question is Malik's "No Type" video, which recently leaked online and has been makin' its way around the interwebz.

For his part, Naughty Boy has been subtweeting some ~super cryptic~ messages recently. Though I obviously can't say for sure if they're aimed at Malik, NB isn't exactly known for his subtlety. So, I'll just leave these here:

Ultimately, the fact that Zayn Malik just slammed Naughty Boy means SO MANY THINGS to Directioners. First of all, there's the vindication in knowing that their professional relationship has already publicly blown up in everyone's faces. And for fans who are convinced that Malik left One Direction to work with Naughty Boy, this means that the singer quickly realized the error of his ways. (YASSS.) But most importantly — even more significant than the hope that Zayn Malik would rejoin One Direction — this means that there is a chance that Malik and Tomlinson can restore their friendship and all will be right with the world.

Real talk: Malik's friendship with Naughty Boy caused him to do things like TWEET HIS BEST FRIEND AND TELL HIM TO GET A LIFE AND "STOP MAKING BITCHY COMMENTS" which is upsetting and hurtful and wrong (and the irony is so real rn). But maybe now that NB is straight-up outta the picture, Malik and Tomlinson can be friends again.

And at the end of the day, the math is simple: #Zouis > #Zaughty. 4 LYFE.

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