'American Horror Story: Hotel' Will Feature Characters From Previous Seasons & These Faves Could Be Checking In

Waiting for the newest American Horror Story season is enough to have you shiver with anticipation, and, slowl,y we're getting enough tidbits to tide us over. In fact, in a recent San Diego Comic Con panel Ryan Murphy announced that characters from other American Horror Story seasons would be on Hotel. Considering that each season in the anthology usually acts as a stand alone piece, it's exciting to see we're going to get more crossover action. But who exactly COULD check into the hotel?

Well, if we look at the facts we can eliminate quite a few characters. Jessica Lange previously announced that she wouldn't be returning for AHS: Hotel, so that knocks out a sizable list. Dead characters, although no one tends to truly die on this show (see: Murder House and Coven for proof), are a harder sell, and really have to be done delicately. They can appear in a prequel-y way, of course, but ghosts can't just take a casual vacation and haunt other residences. We know the season is connected to Los Angeles, and location helps narrow things down, and timeline would also set some guidelines, but, given American Horror Story's penchant for flashbacks, it's anyone's game.

So, all these things considered, here are a few contenders that could make a quick cameo next season.

1. Marie Laveau

We know Angela Bassett is returning as an unnamed character, and, considering Marie Laveau's whole immortality thing, you could pretty much plug her in at any time after the 1830's. Still, it feels off that a Voodoo Queen would feel inspired to stay at a hotel.

2. Madison Montgomery

A pre-Coven Madison Montgomery, however, would make sense. Emma Roberts is slated to return to the Hotel towards the end of the season, and, though she left her fellow witches dead twice over, we knew her early Hollwood days had her cruising for a boozing. It wouldn't be crazy for Madison to go on a hotel bender. It just really depends if this is more of a Chateau Marmont or a Bates Motel deal.

3. Shelley

Chloe Sevigny is also coming back, and honestly, Shelley was one of my favorite parts of Asylum. She was so fun before that whole brutally mutilated thing, and we know she got caught with two sailors by her always-philandering husband. Where do you usually have trysts? Hotels. Or boats. Actually, I hope it was on a boat.

4. Moira O'Hara

This one's a little iffy since Alexandra Breckenridge is busy hanging around Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead, but we shouldn't declare a cameo out of the cards for the actress. In fact, Breckenridge briefly appeared in a hotel on Coven as Kaylee, a reluctant witch who had an ill-fated tryst with Cordelia's husband. But we could flashback to the good old Murder House days when Moira's regrettable one night stand with her boss led to her death... and perhaps this occurrence took place in a hotel, too?


5. Hayden McClain

I mean, where exactly was she staying while she was stalking out Ben?

6. Pepper

Historically speaking, Pepper doesn't have the most glamorous life in any of these films, so it's hard to imagine her showing up at the hotel for a little me-time. Regardless, Pepper seems to be the connection between American Horror Story installments. It would be silly not to include her.

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