10 Tips For A Successful Marriage, Courtesy of Twitter's #5WordMarriageSecret, Because Apparently You Should "Never Waste Any Morning Wood"

Being married is no easy feat. Those that have been wed will be the first to tell you that, no matter how in love you are, maintaining a successful marriage can be like a full-time job. When you spend all day, every day with someone, tempers can rise, moods can swing, and feelings can be hurt — even if you've made an oath to love someone for better or for worse. Naturally, married couples will seek out as much advice as they can to make their relationship as happy and healthy as can be, because no one wants to wind up as another divorce statistic.

Although I've never been married, I browsed Twitter's latest trending topic, #5WordMarriageSecret, to procure the best marriage tips for your perusal. While some took the opportunity to joke about their perpetual singledom, many users offered surprisingly succinct and thoughtful wisdom about married life. This hashtag proves that advice doesn't need to be long-winded to be effective and poignant, and that even Twitter is capable of being genuine once in a while, rather than a breeding ground for trolls.

Even if you have yet to tie the knot, take note of these apparently tried-and-true tips from Twitter's self-proclaimed marriage experts for future reference (or even to improve your less-legally-official relationship). You never know when 5 words from a stranger could impart a crucial relationship lesson.

1. On Arguments:

2. On Listening:

3. On Bonding:

4. On Keeping Some Secrets:

5. On Staying BFFs:

6. On Kids:

7. On, Uhh, Privacy:

8. On Boners:

9. On Practicality:

10. And, Most Importantly, On Compromise:

Image: vikstrel/Fotolia

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