19 Tom Hiddleston Gifs That Will Make You Laugh When You're Feeling Blue

There's a reason the world needs Tom Hiddleston gifs: Weekdays are tough, especially in the summertime. All weekend long, I basked in the glory of long days, late nights, cold drinks, friends, and that feeling that life will always be this carefree. Then, my alarm went off Monday morning, and it all came crashing down. The long work weekday has begun. Luckily for you, dear readers, I have just the thing to pull you out of your slump: a list of Tom Hiddleston gifs that are sure to give you a serious case of giggles. I know I'm not the only one who feels the hum-drum of the work week the hardest in the hazy, lazy days of summer. Thankfully, there is no greater joy than Tom Hiddleston being silly.

Hiddleston was recently seen at San Diego Comic Con, where he sat down with MTV and discussed the freaky and paranormal sex scenes in the upcoming horror film Crimson Peak. The interview will certainly leave any fan hot and bothered — and will help to get you through even the most difficult case of the weekday blues.

So strap in, Hiddlestoners, and get ready for a whole lot of British-ness, killer dance moves, Loki lusting, and enough charm to knock the knickers right off ya. Enjoy!

Need a Wee Giggle?


Would You Like a Pony to Cheer You Up?

Here you go!

Or Maybe this Gif of Loki Pushing a Child Will Do the Trick

Nailed it.

The World Could Use a Little More Rump Shaking

And there it is!

How You're Feeling Right Now


Dreams Do Come True, Everyone

Miss Piggy, I salute you.

Here's A Little Bit of Heaven on Earth


Guaranteed to Make You Crack a Smile

Is Tom Hiddleston trying to seduce Cookie Monster?

This Hardcore Shade-Throwing Should Do it

I'm feelin' this sass.

It's Time for Things to Get a Little Weird

Exactly, Tom.

Okay, Now a Lot of Weird

I have no idea what's happening here, but I support it.

Get Ready Everyone, It's Funny Hat Time!


Now Let's Get Out a Little Aggression

More like LOLki!

Surrender to the Silly

What a weird wonder.

Make a Goofy Face

Derpy derp!

Prance Like a Sexy Dinosaur


Get Ready for Action

Okay, I'm more than ready.

Now Let Your Freak Flag Fly!

Everyone names their 'stache. It's totally normal.

And Cheer Up, Will Ya?

I don't know about you, but now I'm ready to seize the day. Thank you, Tom Hiddleston, you wonder of a man.

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