Nick Viall's Abs Won't Help Him Become The Bachelor, Or Will They?

It's time to have a serious conversation about a serious topic. Recently, "the other guy" on Kaitlyn's season of The Bachelorette — Nick Viall — has been posting ab pictures on Instagram. OK, they're more like abtastic pictures. Nick's sudden jump in six-pack double-tap content surely doesn't have Bachelorette fans complaining, but is there more to these posts than a simple #Fitspo? Is it possible Nick's ab game on Instagram is a campaign for the next Bachelor? He doesn't think we'd fall for that, does he... *Gets distracted counting the abs*

There's no doubt that Bachelor Nation is made up of a seriously good looking people. Nick is no exception. But does a six pack, a cup of coffee, and a patriotic pair of underwear (don't worry, I have pictures) make you the perfect fit to be the person America will be rooting for to fall in love? (I mean, yes. That sounds like the application for Bachelor men.) If Nick doesn't end up with Kaitlyn, perhaps he is hoping these ~sexy~ pictures will land him in the lead role this fall when The Bachelor returns. That couldn't work, could it? In case you haven't seen what I'm referring to, allow me to fill you in.

Nah, right? Bachelor fans won't be fooled by someone who has created such polarizing feelings. Torn families apart. Made us...

... cringe on our sofas when he asked Andi why she "made love" to him...

*zooms to to see if someone has started a petition for "Nick Viall as the next Bachelor."*

OK, back to reality. We won't be influenced by abs. We have to stay strong. If Nick has any interest in being the Bachelor, he won't get the job because he has, what I'm counting as, eight evident abdominal muscles, loud and proud.

Then again, there are some other men who have maybe disproved the idea that abs don't help a guy get the job as the Bachelor. It seems to be a going trend of former Bachelors, so maybe there's more to this #AbGame than we're aware of...

Sean Lowe knew what was good. Then there's this.

Remember this? Chris Soules being named "The Hottest Bachelor Ever" by Us Weekly?

Or when this photo was released.

Then there's Juan Pablo, who 100 percent knew of the unwritten code of conduct: "Post ab pictures." (Although, this is a double whammy because you have shirtless JP and adorable daughter.)

That's not the reflection of the water...

Don't forget Jake Pavelka, who is giving us this abtastic picture.

So, Nick. Posting ab photos won't help you get to be the Bachelor (I don't think...), but if by chance you do get the gig, you'll at least join in on the fun shirtless reindeer games your predecessors have been playing for a long time.

Images: Nick Viall/Instagram