'The Dressmaker's Love Story Could Trump 'Titanic'

Get your kleenex and squees ready, because the first official trailer for The Dressmaker dropped on July 12, and it is a doozy. Starring Kate Winslet and Liam Hemsworth, the movie — due out October 22, 2015, — centers on Winslet's character, Myrtle, returning to her hometown in Australia to care for her ailing mother. A deft seamstress, Myrtle takes to bestowing many of the townswomen with their own personal Cinderella stories by transforming them with her skills. Many of the residents don't care for Myrtle, however, as they spend a majority of the time in the trailer rehashing age-old rumors that Myrtle killed a boy when she was 10 years old. Ugh, small towns and their gossip — amiright?? One dashing townsmen who doesn't allow the gossip mill to hamper any of his affections toward Myrtle is her old flame, Teddy (Hemsworth). It doesn't take long into the preview to see that these two are poised to offer some sizzling onscreen chemistry once the film comes out. Between coquettish banter, Hemsworth losing his shirt (YAS!), and a particularly steamy make-out scene, I'd be willing to wager a bet that Myrtle and Teddy are going to be the hottest movie couple we've scene since Jack and Rose in the 1997 hit, Titanic.

Remember crying into your popcorn over those two? I know I do. It's hard to compete with such an iconic coupling, but I think The Dressmaker's Myrtle and Teddy are up for the task for a few reasons.

Myrtle's Sassiness

Myrtle appears to be quite the firecracker, which is sure to make the sparks fly with Teddy.

The Characters Have History

Flames always burn brighter when they're rekindled flames, or at least I would think so.

Teddy Losing His Shirt

Seriously, this guy could have chemistry with a jar of yogurt, so the fact that he's being paired with an Oscar winner is the perfect recipe for a romantic explosion.

Myrtle Seems Extremely Complex

Aren't love stories the best when there's some complications thrown into the mix?

Teddy Doesn't Judge Her Past

At least from what I can gather in the trailer, it seems that Teddy loves Myrtle regardless of any of her past missteps or rumors. Aww!

This HAWT Make-Out Sesh

Ow ow!

It's Kate Winslet & Liam Hemsworth

Seriously, what other explanation do you need?

Images: Universal Pictures Australia/YouTube (7); Giphy