Shawn B. Really Needs To Be The Next 'Bachelor'

I know we are just getting into the thick of it with The Bachelorette right now and we still have a whole lot of roses to go through before a finalist is crowned, but I just want to take a moment and make a pitch for Shawn B. — not to win the whole thing — but, instead, a pitch for Shawn B. to be the next Bachelor. Though he's been a frontrunner this season since the very beginning, if his connection to Kaitlyn doesn't end up working out, he'd be a great leading man for next season.

Yes, there's a chance he may have already won the whole thing. After all, Kaitlyn's Snapchat may have dropped a huge Bachelorette spoiler, but if UnREAL has taught me anything about this wonderful world of reality TV, it's that you cannot trust anyone or anything — especially technology. Plus, even if he does win at the end, the relationship could still not work out, leaving him in prime Bachelor position. It's not that I want him to get his heart broken, I just think he would be the best on his own show! I mean, just look at all of his qualifications.

1. He's Really Into Finding Love

If there is one thing he has made clear this season, it is that he is here for love. Sure, he's falling for Kaitlyn right now, but if that doesn't work out, he's still going to want a new relationship. The best part? He seems really sincere about being there and finding a partner, not like he's just in it for the fame.

2. He Currently Unemployed

That's in a "quit his job to commit himself to Kaitlyn" way, not a "looking for any work he can get" kind of way. He is totally available to keep this Bach train going.

3. His Instagram Game Is Strong

He loves dogs, Taylor Swift, and showing off his six pack? His social media is his best resume for the job.

4. He's Honest

From the very beginning, he has constantly been straight with Kaitlyn about how he feels, regardless of how it makes him look on camera. That kind of honesty would be gold as he tries to navigate dating multiple women.

5. He's Not Afraid To Cry On Camera

We saw his sensitive side when he opened up about the traumatic car accident he was involved in. There were tears, and yeah, it was pretty moving.

6. He May Have Been Pulled From A Nicholas Sparks Movie

Shawn B. may be Ryan Gosling’s long lost twin, and I want that on my TV every week. I mean, those abs. Come on.

7. He's Sweet

This may seem really cheesy, but he is just a really great guy. There is so much cynicism built up around The Bachelor (and I get that, I do) that I want someone representing the nice guys of the world, actually trying to find someone, not just trying to get famous.

8. Half Of America's Already In Love With Him

I don't think this is that much of an exaggeration. Everyone's rooting for Shawn to make it, and if he and if Kaitlyn don't work out, at least we could watch him try again.

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Images: ABC/Rick Rowell; giphy(6)