What Your Favorite 'X-Men' Mutant Says About You

It's hard to believe that X-Men, not Days of Future Past , or First Class, or The Last Stand, or any of the Origins series, just straight up X-Men came out 15 years ago. The X-Men are now so steeped into pop culture due to the tidal wave of Marvel that has consumed the film industry. It's easy to forget that there was a time when these mutants weren't on the big screen. X-Men was a huge hit when it was released in theaters in 2000 and has helped shape the way the genre operates. X-Men didn't invent the superhero movie, it just proved to Hollywood that ten superheroes and villains are better than one. It also brought us Hugh Jackman as the fury muscle man he was always meant to play. So we can all be thankful for that.

X-Men is like a Marvel 101 course — you meet some of the top players, learn about their back stories, relationships, and what makes them tick. The X-Men are outcasts and they fight to not only protect their species, but the humans who shun them and fear them. It's a messy job, but some mutant has to do it.

Looking back 15 years, here's what your favorite original mutant says about you:


You're tough on the outside, but total mashed potatoes on the inside. You don't like being told what to do and you are very VERY stubborn about that. Thankfully you have a lot of wisdom to back up your brash independence... and you're a stone cold badass.

Professor X

You are a natural leader and people often look to you for guidance. You want the best for everyone and that often means sacrificing your own needs in order to fulfill the needs of others. But you're willing to do it because you know that it's all for the greater good.

Jean Grey

You are more powerful than you know.


You sure know how to hold a grudge. You are unflinching with your conviction and you will almost never admit when you're wrong. Sometimes you destroy the things you love the most and sabotage perfectly good relationships. But deep down, you do want what's best for everyone. NO ONE UNDERSTANDS YOU!


You were a bit of a teacher's pet in grade school and you hated it when people called you a goody-two-shoes. You still carry a little of your wholesomeness, but are now a fully-fledged kickass person of your own. People depend on you for leadership and you take on that role with bells on.


You a powerful, strong, and independent. You are also probably a middle child because you are always mediating conflicts and everyone looks to you when sh*t is about to go down.


You have an adventurous spirit and take chances when they present themselves to you. You are very brave and kind... but you also can't touch anyone without crippling them and absoring their memories. SUCKS.


You're a big, mean bully who isn't afraid of anything...and probably have some deep dark past that's been suppressed for some time now.


You are slimy and gross, but you oddly take pride in that.


You've been hurt in the past and have grown cold because of it. You don't let anyone get in the way and you are willing to do almost anything, at any cost to get what you want. You are ruthless and cannot be stopped.

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