Britney Spears Songs To Help You Through A Breakup

Breaking up is hard to do, but, thankfully, music is always there to help us get through it. Sure, Taylor Swift knows a thing or two about how to write an epic breakup song (or album for that matter), but, really, when it comes to songs about heartache nothing tops the music of the '90s. You know what I mean? I am talking the classic pop hits from Backstreet Boys' "Quit Playin' Games (With My Heart)" to *NSYNC's "Bye, Bye, Bye." But let's not forget the pop princess to top all heartbreak lyrics, Miss Britney Spears herself. Seriously, there's nothing like a Britney Spears break up song to get you through even the most crushing relationship end.

When it comes to songs about love, there is nothing better than a classic Spears song. Back when we were preteens, she was there for our first crush, and, when it ended badly, her music helped us get through our first heartbreak. While we will just have to wait and see what amazing list of heartbreak songs lie in store for Spears in her new album, let us reminisce on the best of her best.

Here's a list of amazing Britney songs to help you through any breakup, because this girl knows a thing or two about taking your broken heart and getting stronger.

1. "From The Bottom of My Broken Heart"

When you first get out of a relationship, your natural instinct is to go into shock mode. This is the perfect song to help you through all those moments of "how did this happen?" and "where do I go from here?"

2. "Where Are You Now"

Everyone hates to see a good thing end, so it's natural for you to reject reality. Just like Spears in this song, you keep holding on to what was instead of what is.

3. "Autumn Goodbye"

So this may not be a breakup song, but this is the time to reflect on every detail about the breakup. Play back the memories, and don't be afraid to let out a good cry.

4. "Lonely"

Now that you've faced your sadness, it is time to get mad. This one is full of girl power that simply says, I will not let you hold me down any longer.

5. "Email My Heart"

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Ultimately, this is the point where you will do virtually anything to get your ex back. This song may be totally '90s, because, you know, email, but, if you replace a computer screen with an iPhone, it totally fits.

6. "Everytime"

Nothing says depression stage better than this Spears classic. Grieve the relationship, and learn to move on.

7. "Stronger"

The best stage of a breakup, acceptance. Don't let this breakup hold you down, let it make you better. Because you're stronger than yesterday, and Spears helped you get through it.