What' Up With Gaga's Eye Makeup Lately?

Lately, it's been whispered that Lady Gaga has been dressing, looking, and acting semi-normal. Yeah, well Lady Gaga's latest eye makeup looks totally destroy any notion that Ma Monster is gravitating towards normal on a permanent basis or ditching her usually outrageous presentation for soft and safe.

Gaga had been wearing cool, summery, and hacked up rock tees and toning things down a bit earlier this season. Then she went and wore a fishnet, naked jumpsuit with majorly flared legs and all that normal chatter flew out the window. But I actually noticed her veering to the left again before she donned that gorgeous disco ensemble.

Let's check the assumption that Lady Gaga is trading her daring, rebellious fashion sense at the door, okay? Her pitstop at almost normal is O-V-E-R.

Her eye makeup looks have been pretty wild and they're not really of the "try this at home" variety. But there are a few hacks that you can employ, albeit very, very carefully, that will help you copy Gaga's eye style... if you dare!

Gaga has been trafficking in a few primary and bright colors, doing smears and smudges. It seems to be intentionally messy and that's the beauty of eye makeup! Mistakes can often lead to amazing smoky eyes.

Gaga is just taking that ethos to the extreme, like only she can.

1. Crying The Blues

This messy blue eye look can be achieved by going to an office supply store. Grab a blue Sharpie and draw on your eyelid only, being very careful not to get the tip too close to your eye.

Smear the color around with your finger, since the oils in your digits and on the lid will make it messy and help it migrate.

Add some gold or blue star stickers — the kind you got on grade school tests — and you've got this. Put them closer to your brow and not near the eye.

Here is how a blue Sharpie smears on the back of my hand. See! You can totally you recreate this look with a marker and some props.

2. Seeing Red

This dramatic, smeared red eye makeup looks like lipstick repurposed as a dewy shadow. It's a very punk rock look and isn't for every day or every person. But you can copy it with Ciate's Liquid Velvet Matte Lip Slick in Diva, a loud 'n' lovely red.

You will wash the entire lid in this shade. Thankfully, it applies with a wand, so you'll get some control when using it for something other than which it was intended.

Here's how Diva smears on the back of my hand.

You'll want to add a black eyeliner to rim your lower inner waterline.

So punk freakin' rock. I like how it's leather-like.

3. White Out

This one is tricky, since her brows are somewhat embellished. But if you want to do the white out look, wash your lids in a neutral pink or peach shadow, like MAC's Jest. Add Urban Decay's Primer Potion from the lash to the brow. Then layer on loads of white liner and baby powder!

You can draw and then use a finger to robustly smudge Wet 'n' Wild's white liner. Use your fingers to make a mess.

You might want to use a little eyelash adhesive to get some baby powder to stick. If you don't want to purchase a really chalky white powder, these two items will do the trick. As always, be careful and protect your peepers.

Be responsible with your hacks and don't do 'em if you think they might hurt or cause any sort of damage. But you can play and have fun if you are careful.

Images: Lady Gaga/Instagram (6); Amy Sciarretto (3); Johnson's (1); Amazon (1); Staples (1)