Brandy Sings On The NYC Subway & No One Seems To Notice Or Care, Leading To Her Priceless Reactions — VIDEO

I grew up belting "The Boy is Mine" from the backseat of my parents' cars as they dropped my friends and I off at the movies on Friday nights. The song was the late '90s definition of diva perfection and I was obsessed with all things Brandy. If I were to see her in public, I'd probably squeal and thank her for creating the perfect soundtrack to my middle school dances. But, that wasn't the case for dozens of New Yorkers were treated to a private concert by the R&B star when Brandy was riding the subway. She took to the underground somewhat undercover in a hoodie and big sunglasses and sang on the crowded cars. No one seemed to notice or really care — it is New York after all. Someone singing on the subway is nothing to bat an eye at.

Brandy wrote about the experience on her blog, and, though, she had fun doing it she did wonder, "Can a Sistah get ONE fan?!" She did manage to at least get some words of encouragement from a fellow rider. In her bewilderment, the friendly New Yorker assured her, "Don't be scared. You got talent man, go for it... We've seen this a million times. You've gotta do something different." If he wasn't talking to a current Broadway star and Grammy award winner, he'd be absolutely right.

Perhaps if Brandy had removed her camouflage, she would have received a little bit warmer of a reception. Although I wouldn't put it past the NYC subway to not give a hoot about that either. Heck, Jay-Z rode the subway, and had to explain to someone who he was. Only in New York, AMIRIGHT?

Brandy didn't seem too embarrassed by the experience, thankfully. She's in town to star in the Broadway production of Chicago, so I'm sure those nightly standing ovations suit her just fine. Brandy seemed to find the whole thing downright hilarious, and her facial expressions are to die for. Here are some of her best reactions:

When Someone Bumps You and Doesn't Even Apologize

Excuse you.

When You've Been Riding the Hot Subway For Too Long

Ugh. Make it stop.

When You've Had One Too Many At Brunch

And no one else around you is remotely turnt.

When You're in Space and No One Can Hear You Scream

Or on the NYC subway, and no one can hear you sing.

When You Step Out of the Subway Onto the Street on Trash Day


When All You Can Say is IDK

Lost in a sea of confusion.

When You Hear an Adele Song at the Wrong Time

BRB sobbing into oblivion.

Watch the whole adventure below.

Images: ForeverBrandy/YouTube(7)