The Twin Twist Rules On 'Big Brother 17' Are Simple, Don't Get Evicted

Now that the dust has cleared and everyone in the Big Brother 17 house knows Liz and Julia are twins (some of them don't know to what extent the two are playing the game), we need to revisit the rules of the twin twist. When Julia and Liz introduced themselves to their new alliance I thought, "Wait a hot Honeycutt second, is that allowed? Don't they need to keep this a secret from the houseguests to stay in the game? Spend five weeks completely unnoticed by even their closest alliance members, so they can both enter the game and play as two individual houseguests?"

Well, I completely overestimated the depths of the rules of the twin twist. Because now, Liz and Julia are completely out and proud to Shelli, Clay, Austin, and Vanessa. And guess what? They're still standing in the house. So what are the actual rules of the twin twist? When the twist was revealed on the premiere episode, Julie Chen outlined what needed to be done for Liz and Julia to enter the game as two different houseguests. And guess what, the rules couldn't be simpler. Here's what she said.

If they can survive the first five evictions, they both earn the right to enter the game and play as individual houseguests.
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That's it. It's really that simple. The twins don't run the risk of being evicted by Big Brother if they reveal anything about their sister. They simply have to make it through five evictions, and then they'll both join in as Liz and Julia. Now, that might sound easy, but that's not necessarily true. People know that these two could enter the game — similar to Season 5's twin twist — and have an alliance that no one is going to be able to get between.

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