When Does Kim Kardashian's Website Launch? It Is Taking Eons To Get Going

Every single time there is any sort of mention of Kim Kardashian West’s new website, my first reaction is always, “Seriously, what is taking that girl so long?” I mean, in this day and age, setting up a personal website is really not that hard. I have a website, and it took me exactly three glasses of wine and a single evening to set the whole thing up. Even if Kim Kardashian West is not using a premade template — 'cause let’s face it, she probably isn’t using Wordpress — doesn’t she have a whole team of professionals to get this thing up and running, lickety split? Because it’s been months since Kim said she would be launching her website. We saw clips of the various photo shoots that Kardashian claimed she would be using for her personal site on the last season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. That means this has been in the works for at least… what?... six months?

So, I ask again: What in the world is taking that girl so long? What exactly is going to be on this much-anticipated website and why is it taking so long for her to launch? Thankfully I have a few guesses as to why this project is taking Kardashian so long, and they’re not just about the logistics of launching a site.

The Professional Photos

Kim Kardashian West has let us into a number of photo shoots both through Twitter and on her reality television show that she claims are solely for her website. Apparently, she wants original content that can’t be seen anywhere else. Which I get. She’s one of the most photographed women in the world, so her website has to offer something that nobody else has, right? Professional photo shoots take travel, a ton of money, and entire days spent in a makeup chair. Let’s say she includes pictures from at least twenty different photo shoots (and that’s being modest). It makes sense that it would take her a few months to get all of that over and done with.

The Surprise

Kardashian has been dropping hints for weeks now that when her website launches there will be a big surprise announcement. I have no idea what it is, but it might be something that takes a little more time on the back end of the site. Maybe a Kim Kardashian community? Maybe a feature where you can upload a picture and Kardashian yourself? OMG what if it’s an ultrasound image of her unborn son? CROSSING MY FINGERS FOR A FETUS SHOT.

The Anticipation

Rick Diamond/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This is where I’m putting my money: Kardashian is making her fans wait as long as possible for the sole sake of building anticipation. That’s my guess. It’s not about getting the layout right or finding the best locations for the cover shot. It’s all a ploy to get fans riled up and even more excited when it does launch. Nothing does that better than a little time and a few reminders.

And who am I kidding? IT IS TOTALLY WORKING.

Image: Getty Images