Is Patrick Stewart In 'Mr. Holmes'? The Actor Is BFF With Ian McKellen So It Wouldn't Be A Surprise

Everyone knows that when it comes to celebrity BFFs, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen take the cake. The two classically-trained British actors are often spotted hanging out with one another, and the pairing makes sense; they both possess the same zest for life, passion for nerd culture, and ridiculously epic speaking voices, making them almost tailor-made for spending time with one another, which sometimes translates to the two of them working together on-screen. With Mr. Holmes, McKellen's newest movie, hitting theaters this weekend, many fans are wondering if Stewart will be joining his pal in the film, especially after seeing the two of them lock lips at the film's premiere. So, is Patrick Stewart in Mr. Holmes ?

Unfortunately, the movie's IMDB page indicates that Stewart does not appear in Mr. Holmes (although he could still appear as a cameo, so keep your eyes peeled). The movie stars McKellen as an aging Sherlock Holmes dusting off his pipe for one more case, and although Stewart's absence in the film is undoubtedly a massive blow to those hoping to see another reunion, there are still plenty of opportunities to reminisce over the friends' greatest moments together on stage and screen. Here are some of the times these two master thespians have crossed paths professionally:

1. Every Good Boy Deserves Favor

Stewart and McKellen first starred in a production together back in 1977 of this play, which was staged at the Royal Festival Hall in London. Although the pair did share some scenes together and obviously knew one another, their real friendship didn't begin until nearly 25 years later. Unfortunately, there's no video of them performing together in this play.

2. X-Men

CiderMancer on YouTube

This is where Stewart and McKellen's bromance truly began. Playing old friends and rivals Professor X and Magneto, respectively, the two stars finally discovered how similar they were to one another and that they had basically wasted their lives up until that point as far as friendships are concerned (well, at least that's what I think happened). They went on to appear together as the characters in four more times, but sadly those days may be over.

3. Waiting For Godot

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Next, the two chums returned to the stage together for not one, but two plays. Stewart and McKellen starred together in concurrently running plays on Broadway, one of which was Waiting For Godot, where the two set their natural comic abilities against each other as a couple of wacky wanderers. Plus, they got to wear bowler hats!

4. No Man's Land

TwoPlaysInRep on YouTube

The second play of their repertory run together, No Man's Land sees the legends again showing off their comedic chops, but this time they also get loaded while doing so as old writers drinking copious amounts of whisky. Stewart also sports a pretty sweet wig, which may or may not have been a result of the whisky.

5. Late Night With Seth Meyers

Last year, McKellen and Stewart appeared together on Late Night, and before you knew what was happening, they had ousted Seth Meyers from his desk and completely taken over the show. Can someone please give these guys a talk show, like, now?

Seriously, these two are just the best.

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