Laura Prepon As Donna Was Universally Fashionable

Sorry, Alex who? Yes, I admit that Laura Prepon's Orange Is the New Black character Alex Vause is iconic when it comes to her jailhouse chic — you know, the thin, overly plucked brows, the winged eyeliner, those black, sexy librarian glasses, and her inky hair. But Laura Prepon as Donna Pinciotti on That '70s Show endures. She is actually one of the most fashionable TV characters... ever.

For most of the series, Donna had vibrant and definitive red hair that fell around her face in layers. She lightened them to blonde later in the show and still looked utterly amazing. The warm shade enhanced, rather than washing out, Prepon's porcelain skin.

Even though the show was set in Wisconsin in, well, the '70s, I still always wanted to raid her closet. Button downs, sweaters, and flannels factored into her wardrobe, but always with a feminine spin. Donna P. was never boring with her ensembles, but everything she wore felt very attainable for us non-TV characters.

She could always be counted on to wear plenty of outfits that were stylishly casual then and would still be in style today, even if the '70s weren't completely taking over the fashion scene for fall. You can't really say that about Alex's drab, ill-fitting, and prison-issued neutrals, although the specs do give her a cool good-girl-gone-bad energy.

I've got proof that Laura Prepon as Donna Pinciotti will go down as one of TV's most fashionable characters, ever. Let's walk down Donna's wardrobe memory lane.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

1. Her Button Downs

We all own a shirt like this, right?

2. Flannel Flair

This was well before grunge, but Donna had a flair for flannel. It may have been accidental menswear, but it was so wearable.

3. Blazer Of Glory

Donna sure knew how to rock out in a blazer.

4. Blonde Ambition

Choker, tank, and denim button down, paired with blonde hair? That was an ensemble ready for any decade.

5. Flair For The Flare

Flared jeans were so '70s and Miss Pinciotti paired them with her beloved button down.

6. The Purple Bandana

Donna kept her signature red locks out of her eyes by tying them back with a bandana — a hair accessory that's totally back in style for 2015.

7. Denim Diva

She sure knew how to wear denim on denim, didn't she?

8. Invested

Her vest and striped blouse were very Annie Hall and would be lovely today.

9. Casual-Tee

A fitted tee with elbow-length sleeves in a different color? D had casualosity down to a science.

10. More Bandanas, More Flannels

This is like, the most Donna outfit ever.

11. Wash This

A denim shirt and jeans in different washes? Always a stylish combo.

12. Earning Her Stripes

This striped top in shades of pink was so sweet and feminine.

13. Sweater Weather

Donna could fill out a tight sweater like nobody's business. This striped variation looked great with her flame-hued locks.

14. Turtle Neckin'

Never mind that charming laugh or her center-parted hair. The blush turtle neck looked so good on her!

15. Peacoat Pinciotti

A peacot is a wardrobe basic, especially for bitter cold Wisconsin winters. Donna wore hers in a periwinkle hue and with a longer fit. So she was not only protected but on point.

16. Poppin' Collars

A popped collar under a sweater is always a sweet look, as demonstrated by Donna.

I'll certainly be channeling this small screen, Midwestern icon with great hair for the rest of eternity.

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