6 Laura Prepon Instagrams That Prove She Misses 'That '70s Show' As Much As The Rest Of Us — PHOTOS

If you associate Laura Prepon with Alex Vause before Donna Pinscioti, there is clearly a generational and cultural gap between you and I, friendo. Sure, the 35-year-old actress is having a comeback with her role on Orange Is the New Black, but to me she will always be the super hot, redheaded neighbor and girlfriend of Eric Forman from That '70s Show. And is there anything better than knowing that former co-stars still love each other and hang out all the time? Because Laura Prepon definitely shows love for her That '70s Show cast mates.

In fact, they all seem to love each other forever onward: fulfilling all my television-to-life fantasies, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher aka Jackie and Kelso are together forever, for real, and even procreated: they have a baby named Wyatt! And though Laura Prepon isn't dating anyone right now (even though she used to be with a That 70s Show connect: she was dating Christopher Masterson, Danny Masterson's brother—Masterson played Hyde, the true dark horse of the gang). But at least we do know from Prepon's Instagram that she still loves That 70s Show and her costars more than ever. Here are 6 of Prepon's 'grams that make us nostalgic for Donna, Eric, Hyde, Jackie, Kelso and Fez—I said GOOD DAY!

1. This Flashback Friday

They really were a great couple, even though Donna was WAY too hot for Forman.

2. Hyde & Donna

Secret controversial opinion: these two should have ended up together.

3. A Tribute To Kitty

Kitty was always keeping it real. You'd probably drink a lot too if you were married to Red Forman. Here's a That '70s Show/OITNB mashup.

4. More Hyde & Donna

Check out that mustache!

5. This Throwback Fashion

SO CUTE. Donna really did know how to rock a vest.

6. She's Always Got That '70s Show On The Brain

Excuse me while I marathon all of the gang's escapades on Netflix. Where is our That '70s Show reunion?!