Jeanette & Ava Aren't Done With Abby Lee Miller

Abby Lee Miller has many enemies and the most dangerous of those enemies are the moms of rejected dancers on Dance Moms. In the July 14 episode, Jeannette and Ava came back to Dance Moms to compete against the Abby Lee Dance Company. Jeannette, the mom of dancer Ava, joined another Abby enemy — Cathy — by choreographing for the Candy Apples Dance Center for a competition taking place in Phoenix, Arizona against the ALDC.

Ava had previously beaten Kalani in a dance solo, so since Kalani was doing the solo for the ALDC, Ava not only competed in the group number for Candy Apples, but also had a solo. Her solo was called "Praying Mantis," which was in response to Abby mocking Ava's long limbs when she was a member of a select ensemble through the ALDC. Abby never thought Ava was right for the ALDC and she officially kicked her out in Season 4. Jeanette decided to not only target Abby Lee with her daughter's solo's theme, but also with the Candy Apples' group dance "Famous Infamous" about being famous for the wrong reasons.

Abby showed zero concern about Ava and Jeanette returning, and for good reason. Kalani beat Ava decidedly in the solo category and the ALDC broke their losing streak and won first in the group number too. But although Jeanette lost to Abby this time, the preview for the next Dance Moms episode showed that she'll return to go against the ALDC again — and next time, she won't be with the Candy Apples.

Until then, let's just bask in the glow of the ALDC finally winning two first places — even if the dance company may have lost star dancer Kalani for good.

Image: Lifetime