'Dance Moms' Kalani Might Leave The ALDC For Good This Time, But She'll Be Fine Without Abby Lee

I really thought us Kalani fans of Dance Moms fame were in the clear when Kalani asked to return to the Abby Lee Dance Company after her mom Kira wanted her to leave the company. But as the July 14 episode "Abby vs. Kira . . . AGAIN!" showed me, I was a fool to believe that since Kalani could be done with Dance Moms — and for real this time. Kira and Abby Lee Miller had a huge fight in the Season 5 June 30 episode of Dance Moms, but Kalani wanted to continue to be on the ALDC and she competed as part of the team last week, so it seemed all had returned to normal. But when Kira pushed Abby's buttons again this week — things went downhill for the young dancer fast.

The ALDC went to Phoenix, Arizona for the competition and Kalani got the solo since she'd be performing in her hometown. Because it was a big deal for Kalani to return home and her dad was flying in to see her compete, Kira wanted Kalani's old dance teacher from Phoenix — Alexa — to help choreograph Kalani's dance solo. Abby was upset that Kira was undermining her again, but Alexa still choreographed Kalani's dance.

Maddie and Mackenzie's mom Melissa said there would be consequences from Kira going around Abby and hiring another choreographer — and consequences there were. While at the competition in Phoenix, Abby cut Kalani from the group number since having the 14-year-old Kalani in the group would have made the ALDC compete in a higher age bracket.

Although Abby said it wasn't punishment for Kira's actions, I find that pretty impossible to believe. I am sure that Abby knew the girls would have to compete in the age group of 12 to 14 if Kalani was performing before they even arrived in Phoenix, so cutting her at the last minute seemed cruel as it brought Kalani to tears and put lots of pressure on the other dancers.

Kira said that if Kalani was cut from the piece, Kalani would not return to Los Angeles, but that didn't stop Abby Lee from going along with her decision. Kalani didn't perform in the group number, but she did end up taking home first place (and a sweet heavyweight belt) for her solo. (The group number also won first place.) At the end of the episode, Kalani herself said she was finished with Abby Lee since both her and Kira didn't think it was fair to work with someone who wanted her one day — and then didn't want her another.

With no sight of Kira and Kalani in the preview for the next episode, the pair may really be gone from the ALDC for good (or at least, for now). It's a huge loss to the ALDC if that's the case, but I know Kalani will shine as a dancer even without Abby Lee in her corner.

Image: Bobby Quillard/Lifetime