Jeff's Most Sexist Remarks On 'BB17'

Watching the Big Brother on television and catching footage through the live feeds online are two completely different experiences. It seems like having a TV show on three nights a week gives plenty of time to show what's happening in the house, but there is actually so much that's left out from those broadcasts. If you keep up with the online footage or even just the recap blogs and social media accounts, you probably know that Jeff Weldon is being really sexist on Big Brother 17, and he's making a lot of the female house guests very uncomfortable.

Basically, he has been making some incredibly sexist comments to and about the women in the house. Yet, somehow none of Jeff's sexist remarks have made it to television. I'm not sure if there just isn't enough time to show this since there are so many other things happening, or if there is some sort of conspiracy to make Jeff look good to the TV viewers. CBS has not responded to Bustle’s request for comment on Jeff’s remarks.

Since we haven't actually witnessed these messed up moments on television, many Big Brother watchers have been left in the dark about how Jeff has really been acting. Luckily for you, I am here to keep all of you informed with my recap of all the sexist and rude things that Jeff has said and done in the Big Brother house so far.

1. Sharing Plans To Pimp Out Liz In The Jury House

Why would Jeff assume that Liz would ever want to sleep with the guys just because they were in the jury house? And, why would he ever think that thought was OK to announce out loud?

2. Using The Word "Daddy" In A Sexual Context

The word "daddy" with any kind of sexual undertone is just gross.

3. Acting Like A Predator Toward Liz/Julia


4. Plotting (Again) To Get With Liz In The Jury House

I seriously have no idea why he is so disillusioned to think that Liz would ever hook up with him. Not in a million years, bro.

5. Treating Liz Like A Sexual Toy

What is wrong with him?

6. Saying That Liz Is Interested In Jace

Just because Liz is affectionate or playful with a man it does not mean that she wants him. Jeff needs to grow up.

7. Offering To Share Liz

Nope, it's not OK.

8. Telling Meg That He Wants To Take Her On A Date... While Hitting On Liz The Whole Time

None of this is OK at all, so it's probably a good thing that Jeff might go home this week.

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Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS