10 Ways To Style A Bathing Suit As Daywear, Because Bikinis Belong Off The Beach Too

Taking your bathing suit from swimwear to daywear is hardly an innovation — we've been throwing shorts and a T-shirt over our suit for years, whether it be to hit the boardwalk or just make it through the parking lot without frying. But as of late, designers have been obsessing over athletic wear and of course, with that comes stylized versions of the swimsuit. This year's resortwear, from Fendi to Preen by Thornton Bregazzi has transformed the bikini into lingerie, cut-off tops, and accessories, all while maintaining a level of fashion-forwardness. No touristy visors and sunscreen-doused noses to be seen here.

With a solid chunk of summer still in our grasps, it is time to make the most of this season's style and how easily the rules can be bended with a bit of good weather and sun-kissed skin. Now is the time to experiment with the beauty (vibrant eyes and matching lips), accessories (body chains and exposed piercings), and fashion choices you can get away with before the temperature drops.

Think of your bathing suit as another piece of your wardrobe. It can be dressed up, dressed down, taken from the surf to the streets in just minutes. Focus on what materials will help your suit blend in flawlessly (hint: denim and leather easy picks) and just how out-there you're willing to go. Now, pack away your beach bag (but keep the sunnies) and get ready to rock your bikini in practically any situation.

1. Bikini Tops = Crop Tops

It's summer, it's hot, give us a break. We want to look amazing, while still managing the heat. A bikini top is the perfect transitional piece from a beachy afternoon to a coffee date (or even oceanside nightlife). It all depends on how you wear it. Pair it with a mid-length denim skirt and a slouchy sweater and you've got the cute, casual look down. This Instagram inspiration may not actually be a bikini top, but you get the idea.

2. Make A One-Piece Suit Less Casual

Bodysuits, leotards, whatever your preferred terminology — they're basically one-piece bathing suits, and they're just as trendy as they are easy to style. Find a one-piece with a unique neckline or cute halter top, and dress it down with a button-up (sleeves rolled and barely buttoned, of course) and a pair of distressed jeans or fitted shorts. Marysia Swim has got the clever neckline look down, so check out their swimwear for your next office ensemble.

3. Opt For Something Strappy

Replace your usual strappy tank with that one suit that gives you the craziest of tan lines, and you'll look very on trend. Throw on a few pieces of dainty jewelry to calm down the chaos of such a bold neckline.

4. When In Doubt, Denim

Sure, it comes in all shades of that patriotic blue, but denim truly is the ultimate neutral. Whether you've got the coverage of a one-piece or a little fringe halter-top, denim shorts, jeans, or a high-waisted skirt are the perfect pair.

5. Show, Don't Tell

Thanks to #MyCalvins, showing a little brief isn't taboo, it's fashion-forward. Replace your undergarments with the striking pattern of your favorite bathing suit bottom, and let it peak through your denim shorts for a little added shock factor.

6. Put Your Back Into It

Anyone who says a one-piece bathing suit can't be sexy has obviously never seen one with a lace-up or open back. Who wouldn't want to take that level of chic onto the street? Pair it with some flair jeans and you're in business. Check out Lonely Label's #LonelySwim looks and their several backless little numbers.

7. Get Cozy In Crochet

If it's knitwear, that basically means it's a sweater. Or at least in the sweater family. Style a cute little crocheted bikini top with a flowy skirt and a white denim jacket, or better yet peaking out of a playsuit!

8. Accessorize With Leather

Nothing is quite as edgy as leather, but it's hardly a trend designated for fall. Throw a leather jacket or vest over your bikini and add a new badass dimension to your look. A pair of low-rise board shorts couldn't hurt either.

9. Replace The T-Shirt

I am a big fan of the snarky T-shirt (especially when the text involves "Male Tears") but let your suit speak volumes for once. Pick out a one-piece with enough room for everything you want to say.

10. Rock It Under The Robe

Throw on a kimono or winged robe over your swimwear and you've got a sleek, sexy post-pool ensemble. Add a belt and some gladiators for a more put-together look.

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