Sam Smith's Balenciaga Ad Preview Will Prove He's The Right Man To Star In This Campaign

Fashion and music go together like black and navy (if you have to ask, that's a good thing), and the most recent collab has my heart and iTunes account a-flutter. Sam Smith is set to collaborate with Balenciaga on the French-by-way-of-Spain label's FW15 Menswear Line. The Grammy-winner and international man of mystery has spent the better part of today teasing us with tidbits about the collab, including a pair of dimly-lit black-and-white video clips.

In the clips, the crooner, enveloped in shadow and wearing a knee-length overcoat and a high, priest-like collar, comes into focus for the briefest moment before placing both hands in front of his face. A few stark notes of maddening music grow louder, and the word "Balenciaga" slowly appears. It's arcane and otherworldly, and utterly Balenciaga.

The luxury fashion house and Smith both announced the partnership this afternoon, and it already has the internet divided. While some fans can hardly contain their excitement ("I'm going to die" was a pretty common sentiment) others were left scratching their heads. After all, even Smith pointed out that this was his first foray into the fashion world, and admittedly, Balenciaga is as close to "starting at the top" as you can get. Plus, since being appointed Creative Director in 2013, the Wangsterfication of Balenciaga has frequently meant pushing boundaries and experimenting, be it Gisele's short wig or Kristen Stewart as Florabotanica's mascot.

Many fans, already used to the singers countless daily selfies, can't wait to see Smith in all his glory in a totally new filter, er, light.

Others think the choice is a big mistake, to put it kindly.

Whichever side of the argument you're on, these brooding and mysterious pics are photographic proof that Smith is more than qualified to add "model material" to his CV:

The fact that this is his first proper shoot? Enough said.

A dead-on stare that leaves you wanting more, and hoping that he does indeed, make it home.

He's already got the hand-on-the-back-of-the-neck pose down pat. It's a male-model staple. (It's also interchangeably referred to as the what-happened-last-night-quick-help-me-clean-up pose.)

He's also perfected the model-off-duty look, down to the coffee perched ever so gently in his hand.

And the photo from his record Into The Lonely Hour? I'm pretty sure he could teach Gisele a thing or two about a buzz cut with this one.

Images : Getty, @samsmithworld/Instagram, Giphy