11 Times Amy Schumer Totally Understood Your Love Life

Amy Schumer has never been cooler to the world at large than she has been recently. With Inside Amy Schumer taking off, her movie debut in acting and writing being well-received, a book coming out, and a friendship with Jennifer Lawrence that's just waiting to move from "just met" to "best friends forever," the comedian is becoming a role model to just about every woman with two ears and a heart. But, when fawning over — I mean watching — Amy Schumer, I've realized something a little different. Schumer understands your love life. Or, at least, her antics in her many skits do.

Schumer, as I am sure you’ve come to know, is brutally, unabashedly honest. In her honesty, she conveys the things that many an entertainer has not even thought to take on. Not only that, but she also brings those very things to the forefront. That’s why she’s so freakin’ great. Who better to explain the conundrum that is love than the woman who makes it her job to tackle the grittiest aspects of society and humanity and make it digestible? Correct, there isn’t anyone else. Bow to your goddess, Schumer, portrayer of all things hilarious and true.

Here are all the ways Amy Schumer helps to convey what it is to love and be in love.

1. At First, We All Try To Impress Our Bae

It's only natural.

2. Which, Typically Leads To Major, Initial Insecurity

You take one look at yourself, and this is what your mind screams back at you before you're like, "I'm on the right track, baby, I was born this way."

3. Then There's The Whole Physical Aspect Of New Love

You're just trying to get the hang of each other. Hopefully, without injuring anyone.

4. But, Somehow, That Special Person Totally Digs You In Spite Of Your Crazy

And you still don't get it, but, hey, you're flawless.

5. So, You Know, There Are A Whole Lot Of Feelings Being Had

Who needs labels? Love doesn't operate through the restrictions of language.

6. Real Couples Fight, But Then There's The Upside Of Angry Sex

So much passion in the relationship... and in proving that you're right. Cause you are. You know what? Let's just drop it.

7. Eventually, New Love Gets Less New, And You Get Comfortable

Nothing is more intimate than total transparency.

8. But "Being Comfortable" Sometimes Leads To... Monotony

Love is patient, love is kind, love is kind... of boring.

9. But You Can Always Spice Things Up

It's the thought that counts. It's about effort, people.

10. Besides, Sometimes You Have To Care Enough To Push Through Barriers And Reconnect

It's worth it.

11. Eventually, You Realize That Lasting Love Is About Continuity

That can be something as simple as getting an, "I love you," text after an argument. Even though you told him his all-time favorite band sucks, and he said your TV show is utter crap. Which, by the way, it isn't.

BRB, starting up a new advice column. Calling it, "Dear, Amy."

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