Disney Is Doing A Live-Action 'Aladdin' Prequel About Genies So It Will Finally Answer These 7 Burning Questions

Good news for fairy tale fans and pretty much everyone who grew up in the ‘90s: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney will be creating a live-action Aladdin prequel. If you’re keeping track, that’s in addition to the live-action Prince Charming and live-action Beauty and the Beast movie that are already in the works. This is a great time to be alive.

Let's be real: I can't be the only one who is totally loving all of these live-action remakes of the movies I watched on repeat as a child. With the awesome new angles that Disney is taking on these traditional stories, I can't imagine how anyone wouldn't be excited.

As for the Aladdin project, not much information is available as of yet as the film is still in its early phases — but THR reports that producer Tripp Vinson and writers Damiam Shannon and Mark Swift have signed on to the film, which is already hugely promising.

Additionally, THR revealed that the Aladdin prequel will apparently be told from the perspective of the Genie, not a young Aladdin. But isn’t that even more exciting? Because after 23 years — yes, it has been that long since Aladdin hit theaters — I still have A LOT of questions about the whole genie in a bottle thing. Seriously, not even adulthood and a strong ability to suspend my disbelief can answer some of the burning questions I have about that scenario, so I’m hoping this new film is able to answer at least a few that have been tormenting me ever since the original movie was released in 1992.

Such as...

1. Why Can’t I Wish For More Wishes?


The genie has been stuck in a lamp for, like, thousands of years. Wouldn’t he rather hang out with me for forever and make all of my dreams come true?

2. How Does He Fit Into That Tiny Bottle?


Isn’t it cramped in there? Or does he shrink way down and have a sweet living space in there, à la the old lady who lived in a shoe?

3. Is He The Only Genie In A Bottle?


Or is there, like, a whole other realm of these things, like fairies or elves?

4. What Crime Did He Commit To Warrant Having To Spend Eternity In A Lamp?


He seems like a pretty good guy!

5. What Do Genies Really Think Of That Christina Aguilera Song?


They either love it or hate it, right?

6. Are You Allowed to Keep Anything In The Lamp?


A romance novel to keep you occupied? A pen to jot down your thoughts? Some Oreos to eat when you’re lonely?

7. If You Can’t Make Channing Tatum Fall In Love With Me, What Good Are You Anyway?


This question was a little different in 1992, of course. Replace Channing Tatum with Joey McIntyre, though, and that was my feeling about the whole “you can’t make anyone fall in love with you” caveat. Still, I’d like an answer to this, or at least a backstory that explains a little better why this isn’t allowed.

Knowing Disney and the awesome scripts they produce, something tells me they are going to have a lot of fun answering all of the Genie-inspired questions that have come up over the years. Hopefully the new film will answer some of these questions. (Or, at least the fifth and seventh ones.)

Image: Disney; Giphy (7)