Austin & Jeff Fight Over Liz On 'Big Brother 17' & Hello, Guys, She's Not A Prize To Be Won

Listen, I was trying to be patient, and wait until CBS aired these moments on the show before I started complaining about them, but, after Jeff ended up on the block on Wednesday night's episode of Big Brother thanks to Austin's machinations, I think it's time we call them both out on something. Spoiler for the live feeds ahead. Fans tuning into the live feeds are well aware of Jeff's rampant sexism and his disgusting remarks with regards to the women in the house, but Austin and Jeff are fighting over Liz — and, no, not because she's a twin. Actually, it might very well be because she's a twin, seeing as I'm still not sure which twin likes Austin on BB17 . It seems to some fans that one of them (Liz) likes Jeff while the other (Julia) likes Austin, but this love triangle needs to end, like, immediately.

Since the beginning, Austin's bond with Liz has been really strong. That was more than evident when Austin made up a lie to keep her off the block, and slip Meg on there instead, when he found out that Shelli was considering putting Liz up against her real target, Da'Vonne. Austin's relationship with Liz kind of crosses the border of good taste at times, because Austin has a girlfriend outside of the Big Brother house, and it's starting to become a Cody and Christine situation all over again. Even the house guests are confused as to what exactly Austin is doing with Liz when he, you know, is in a relationship. The fact that it's Jeff she's talking to below doesn't make Jackie's concerns any less valid.

The real trouble came about when Jeff and Liz were cuddling in bed to talk game, and Austin walked in on them. Austin got so angry seeing the two of them in bed together that he not only demanded an explanation from Liz later, but also needed to be calmed down from talking about how he was going to "kill" Jeff for messing with her. In fact, Liz had to reassure him that there was nothing going on between her and Jeff, which is kind of ridiculous because he has a girlfriend. And, even if he didn't, he and Liz are not in a relationship, so what is with the hissy fit, Austin? Who do you think you are? Caleb, from Big Brother 16? (Oh, god, please don't let Austin and Liz blow into a Caleb and Amber situation, because Caleb's overblown crush and obsessive behavior completely ruined Amber's game and got her sent home.)

The fight over Liz is insulting to Liz as a person, because, news flash, she is a human woman, not a prize or a trophy to be obtained after a sufficient display of outraged masculinity. Austin and Jeff having a war of the words is not going to make Liz prefer one over the other. The heart wants what it wants. And Liz is free to cuddle in bed with whoever she wants if it's beneficial to her game. No one owns her, especially not Austin, who, one more time, has a girlfriend. The fact that Jeff cuddling in bed with Liz is no doubt part of the reason that Austin "doesn't trust him" and worked so hard to get him out of the house this week is particularly egregious, because, after all of the deplorable comments that Jeff has made in the house so far, there were so many solid, better reasons to evict him than which consenting house guest was in bed with him.

At the end of the day, while I question Liz's life choices for the sheer fact that Jeff is kind of really gross, Austin has no claim on her to curtail her behavior in this way. Even if he didn't have a girlfriend, he would have no claim on her to curtail her behavior in this way. Liz should not be afraid to cuddle with whoever she wants in the house, or watch what she does for fear of bringing Austin's jealous wrath down on herself. If the two of them ever do end up breaking their alliance, this should not be the thing that breaks their friendship apart; it's ridiculous, sexist, and insulting that Liz should need to humor Austin's crush on her in order to remain protected by his friendship in this game.

Trust me when I say that no one wants to be the Caleb, and Austin is already heading that way if he's not careful.

Image: CBS