8 Times Britney Spears Was Actually, Totally Hilarious

Love her or hate her, you have to admit Britney Spears is hugely accomplished. Yeah, she had some dark years in the mid '00s, but few people have made as sizable an imprint on music and pop culture like she has. But her triumphs don’t end at music — in fact, they extend into the realm of comedy. See, here's something you may have not noticed about everyone's favorite half girl, half robot, half ravioli: she is truly and absolutely hilarious.

OK, hardcore Britney fans may already know that our girl has a definitive goofy side, but the casual Spears listener needs to appreciate this too. Spears rarely plays things seriously in real life, and she's always willing to bust out into an impromptu awkward dance move no matter what the situation is.

And what about her faces? If you happened to catch Britney's short-lived stint on The X Factor or her old blink-and-you'll-miss-it reality show Chaotic, you've probably caught more than a sampling of these facial expressions. She churns them out like she churns out number one hit singles.

So get ready to have your spirits lifted with all these times Spears really brought her comedic A-Game.

1. When Her Side-eye Game Was Immaculate.


It goes beyond throwing simple shade and transcends into an intense disapproval with a dash of bemusement. Love it.

2. When She Made Like An Otter And Belly-glided.


Ten out of 10! Even the Russian judges are impressed!

3. When She Broke Out These Iconic Dance Moves.


Forget the "Oops I Did It Again" heart palpitations, these sweet skills are what Britney will be known for.

4. When She Looked Like A Babe... Pig In The City.


One of the most well-known sex symbols of the last 25 years pretending to be a swine, ladies and gentlemen. She's amazing.

5. When She Made For An Excellent Skipper To Amy Poehler's Barbie On Saturday Night Live.


The key is in keeping your arms perfectly rigid, and Britney NAILED it.

6. When An Overenthusiastic Fan Made Her Go Full Turtle On Ellen.


She heard a stray "woo" from an audience member and had to retreat.

7. When She Was The Perplexed Subject Of All That's "Know Your Stars" Segment.


If nothing else, I felt like I was an expert of all things Spears by the end of the skit.

8. When She Couldn't Withhold Her Her Judgment On The X Factor.


Aw, our girl looks pained. Sorry, girl, we can't all have three Billboard-topping albums before we're able to legally drink.

In summation: Don't ever let anyone claim Brit-Brit isn's hilarious!

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