13 Of Britney Spears' Most Delightfully Silly Faces To Celebrate Our Girl's Goofy Side

Of all the lovely, infectious personalities out there, Britney Spears just might be the most likeable pop star persona on the planet. She's down to earth and relatable whenever she gives an interview, she bursts with positivity on social media, and she knows how to perform some seriously catchy tunes. Though she might be a talented singer and one heck of a dancer, one of Spears' most under-appreciated gifts is her ability to make some seriously silly faces. Sure, she looks stunning when she's posing for the camera, but the best moments are when she unleashes her personal catalog of goofy facial contortions. If you take a closer look into the Britney Spears photographic history, you'll find that she's a real pro at sticking her tongue out, making weird faces, and giving the, "I'm not supposed to be here" look.

If you've had the pleasure of catching Spears's Vegas show Piece of Me, then you've likely seen the wonder that is Britney Spears' goofball side live and in person. You'd think she would reserve that for a spot on Ellen, but truly she is a star for Britney fans — bestowing us with her most ridiculous faces on stage, during awards shows, on the red carpet, and almost anytime she holds the camera herself.

This, ladies and germs, is the finest collection of Spears' wonderfully wacky faces. Enjoy.

1. The Mouseketeer

A classic.

2. The Mountain Mishap

Oh, Brit.

3. The Dominatrix D'oh

National Treasure.

4. The Halloweem Ha-Ha

She is just too precious with those boys.

5. The Flying Dixie

What EVEN is this?

6. The Talk Show Take Down


7. The Award-Winner

Give this face a Grammy!

8. The Teen Dream Weirdo

Some things never do change.

9. The Wardrobe Reactor

Feel you on this, B.

10. The Squatting Smile

Lucky audience!

11. The Lens Lover

If we all let ourselves be like Britney, the world would be a better place.

12. The Stuck In The Mud


13. The Deer in Headlights

Never change Britney, never change.