7 Most Unexpected Places Bodies Chafe Because Chub Rub Isn't The Only Rub That Burns Us All

No matter who you are, at some point or another, you've probably been forced to deal with the painful experience of body chafing. Thigh chafing (or "chub rub" as it's more commonly and affectionately known as), is one we all know too well, but what about all the unexpected and weird places bodies chafe?

We all love the summer, with its glorious sun, the exotic heat, mermaid swimming, delicious BBQs, and drinks on the patio. But summer also comes with mosquito bites, sand absolutely everywhere, sun burn, sweating, and body chafing. While a select few may have been naturally given that elusive "thigh gap," the rest of us (dare I say, the majority of us) have to deal with our thighs rubbing together while we wear our swimsuits, skirts, shorts and seasonal dresses. So while we may be smiling on the outside as we bask in the summer glory, on the inside we are dying of the absolutely horrific, burning pain that comes with every step we take, every move we make.

So thigh chafing or "chub rub" is quite the common crisis and one we all know too well (a collective groan of agreement is heard around the world), but that doesn't mean it's the only place where the body rubs other parts of the body. Have we focused so hard on thigh chafing that we've forgotten to complain about the other unexpected areas suffering from the same fate? Well complain we shall! So without further ado, let's take a look at seven unexpected places bodies chafe:

1. Under Arms

I don't know about you guys, but under arm chafing happens to me all the time if I'm wearing a top that's made out of sequins, or a top with arm holes that are on the smaller side that tend to dig into my armpits as I wear it. There have been many times when a night of dancing in one of my fabulous, glittering sequin tops has resulted in red, chafed underarms the next morning.

2. Under Boob

With the combination of sweat and the underwire from your bra, under boob chafing is another one of those unexpected places you can find yourself rubbin' together. It's not a pretty sight per se, but it definitely happens to the best of us.

3. Side Boob

Just like the under boob, the side boob is a place that tends to chafe like a MOFO. It just so happens that the side boob is where a lot of people experience the most tension from their bras. The side strap tends to dig into the side boob after some time, and combined with sweat and movement, the chafing demon leaves no side boob unmarred.

4. Anywhere Boob

Let's be honest here. Our boobs spend most of their time strapped tightly into boob lifting-and-separating garments. And when combined with friction, sweat, and hours and hours of airless movement, chafing is bound to occur anywhere and everywhere in the whole boob area (especially if you happen to be plus size).

5. Neck

I know this one sounds strange, but think about it: How many times have you worn a halter top or a necklace of some sort that has rubbed at your neck? Combined with sweat, the rubbing from jewelry or a halter is enough to make any neck chafe.

6. Waist

This may not happen too often, but it does happen. Perhaps the waistband of your pants, shorts, or skirt rubs a little too much one day, and results in a little red chafe line at your waist. It also happens after wearing a corset for a long period of time. But most commonly I find waist chafing occurs during the summer when you are wearing a life jacket for any kind of water sport. The movement of your body causes the jacket to rub against your waist, and the friction (especially if you also get wet at all) almost always causes a little red rash.

7. Butt Crack

Yep. It happens, you guys — don't deny it. Usually it occurs in that little space right where your butt crack begins. Sweat may tend to build up there, and if you're wearing a thong or doing any sort of physical movement for a long length of time, you may discover a little red, burning chafe in the back of your crack. Oh, summer.

Images: Fotolia; Giphy