Vanessa's 5 Most Replicable Summer Outfits

The boho style seems ubiquitous in music festival street style photos, but the trend can be surprisingly hard to pull off IRL. However, with layered necklaces and free-flowing clothing, Vanessa Hudgen's bohemian summer outfits manage to be constantly on point. What's her dang secret? To say she's a fashion inspiration would be putting it loosely, and her Instagram is proof of all her must-try moments.

The star's latest Instagram look featured extensions down to her belly button and a lace crop top — and I need the exact outfit in my closet immediately. Hudgens radiated with happiness in her jean shorts, showing that confidence is key to pulling off the breeziest summer fashions. But if you're looking for an accessory that money can buy, opt for one of her many silver and stone bangles or her turquoise choker paired with a long feather pendant. The more the merrier is the rule when it comes to nailing boho.

From short hair to long hair and crop tops to long dresses, the actress is constantly trying something new. She's willing to experiment with anything and everything, which is what makes her style so uniquely hers. Hudgens manages to stay true to herself while nailing the look all at the same time. That's a summer trend that everyone should try!

Not quite yet ready to add extensions and go for a lace crop top? No worries. Hudgens has plenty of Instagram inspiration that will ease you into the bohemian trend that she knows and loves. Prepare to become accessory obsessed and let your inner fashionista shine. Because, as the actress shows, it's up to you to put your spin on each and every look.

1. Breezy summer dress

Ease into the trend by trying one of her styles that you probably already have in your closet. A loose-fitting frock is a blank canvas, so add as many or as little accessories as you'd like. Bonus points if you go barefoot like Hudgens.

Patel Bloom Lace Dress, $54, ASOS

2. Quirky graphic tee

Another super easy way to transition into the trend is to wear a quirky summer tee that shows off some personality. Pick a graphic top and pair it with a few simple accessories, like the actresses gold chain, to give the simple look a little more oomph.

Ok, But First Coffee T-Shirt, $16.42, itGirl Shop, $16.42

3. Layers of beaded accessories

After easing into the trend, it's time to kick it up a notch. The key to all of Hudgen's bohemian outfits are the loads of accessories that she piles on to commit to the trend. Opt for her go-to turquoise or mix it up with you own favorite colors.

Layered Teardrop Necklace, $14.90 Forever21, $14.90

4. Simple crop tops

Every bohemian fashionista has at least one crop top in her closet. A traditional, black version can be transformed in tons of ways by switching up your statement accessories.

Scoop Neck Crop Tee, $39,

5. Flower crown

You know you've mastered the trend when you find yourself taking selfies in a flower crown. Yes, it's a little bit over the top. But it's one accessory that everyone should try at least once.

Venus Flower Crown, Francesca's, $11.98

Images: Courtesy Brands