Shivan & Narresh Is India's First Luxury Swimwear Brand And Their Body-Positive Bikini Saris Will Totally Win You Over

India's first luxury swimwear brand, Shivan & Narresh, is revolutionizing modesty-conscious beachwear. In an interview with Refinery29, designers Shivan Bhatiya and Narresh Kukreja shared how they created the body-positive Bikini Sari so women of all cultural and religious backgrounds could have access to modern, gorgeous high-quality swimwear. Long story short: they succeeded.

Noticing the lack of swimwear options meeting the needs of young Indian women, the exceptionally talented duo sought to fill the gap in 2009. The result, the Bikini Sari, is "an international aesthetic built on a modern Indian philosophy of boldness and sophistication. Functionality and fabrics were key to make this happen ... The fabrics are not only beautiful to touch, but are resistant to UV rays, sunscreens, body oils, and sand." #FancyLikeWoah

Similar to Uniqlo's decision to launch a line of hijabs that are both modest and fashionable, the Bikini Sari walks the same line. Kukreja shared, "[It's] become a tool now to liberate woman from feeling like misfits while on a holiday. How one drapes the sari is what gives its silhouette a unique regional or national identity. It can be worn one shoulder like a traditional sari, you can show your leg through the slit, or even wrap it around you like a cocktail dress." In a world of fast fashion trends everywhere, it's inspiring to encounter designers taking the time to slow down and think about what pieces will serve their customers' deeper cultural needs.

Also, the pieces themselves are just stunning.

Like, wow.

Just wow.

Image Credit: Shivan & Narresh/Facebook; Shivan & Narresh