Mandy Moore Lyrics That Could Be About The Weekend

I advise that you put on your safety goggles and helmet, dear reader, because I’m about to share a potentially controversial opinion: for folks who work Monday through Friday, weekend days are better than the weekdays. Yeah, TCOB-ing at work can be incredibly gratifying, and yeah, the weekdays give us happy hour specials and new episodes of beautiful TV programs like The Bachelorette , but it’s impossible to compete with the easy breeziness of the weekend. For two whole days, the world is your sleeping-'til-10-in-the-morning oyster. (I know, I know. 10 a.m. is really pushing it. What can I say? When I sleep in, I go wild.) Just how much do I love the weekend? Uh, enough to comb through pop singer Mandy Moore's song catalog to find lyrics that sum up how I feel about the weekend. That's how much.

"Wait, that seems like a super random thing to do," you say. "Please explain."

You want the truth? OK, here it is: While I was listening to Center Stage OST ballad "I Wanna Be With You" early Thursday morning (Shuffle treats me right), I thought, Ugh, more like I wanna be with the weekend, amirite? And then I gave myself a much-deserved high five.

As cheesy as that joke was, it was enough to set the wheels in motion. Before I knew it, I had a list of Mandy Moore lyrics that basically describe my relationship with the weekend.

When it's Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday:

I try but I can't seem to get myself to think of anything but you (“I Wanna Be With You”)

You look at the calendar. You're so close, yet so far.

When you wake up Friday morning:

Everybody wants you, everybody loves you ("Crush")

In just a few hours, everything will be perfect.

When you clock out of work Friday evening:

Can't control my every move/When we're together we're in the groove(“So Real”)

YEAAAAAAAAAH IT'S ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! *Shimmies all the way to the company parking lot.*

When you wake up Saturday morning:

You are the perfect one in my life/You make me happy, so very happy, don't you know, don't you know/I like it ("I Like It")

Saturday mornings are so full of promise. You have TWO FULL DAYS ahead of you to do whatever you want. Will you go hiking? Spend the day at the beach? Finally crack open that book that's been sitting underneath your nightstand for a month? Fire up the Netflix account? Check out that new restaurant with your friends? You can't wait to find out what you pick!

When you realize you'll never love anything as much as you love the weekend:

The best thing underneath the stars/You're everything my heart desires/Don't change baby/Stay the way you are /You're everything my heart desires (“Everything My Heart Desires”)

The bliss is almost overwhelming. You remind yourself to not take it for granted.

When Sunday night shows up:

You're the one/You set me free/When you're close to me/All that I do/Is think about a way/To make you stay/With me ("The Way To My Heart")

Sunday night already? Does the clock actually say 10 p.m.? WHAT HAPPENED? You're not ready to say goodbye. You hold on as tightly as you can, but you can sense the weekend slipping through your fingers.

When you spend the rest of Sunday night reading up on time travel:

Baby I wish that there was some way/That I could turn the clock around ("Turn The Clock Around")

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

When Monday morning rears its gnarly head:

We used to be together/Making dreams, making plans/But you left that world behind (“Let Me Be the One”)

You miss the weekend already. You can't believe it's... it's... it's... GONE.

When you realize it'll be ONE WHOLE WEEK before you're back in the weekend's arms:

I'm craving for you/I'm missing you like candy (“Candy”)

*Dumps entire bag of Skittles directly into mouth and calls it breakfast.*

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