Nick Viall & Shawn B. Need To Stop Fighting

The morning after a Fantasy Suite date on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette is usually a time to bask in the afterglow, but in the case of Nick and Shawn B., it was full of yelling and screaming. After a thousand-hour conversation about Nick, I’m pretty sure that Shawn and Kaitlyn did not sleep together, so Shawn was none the pleased when the producers seemed to set it up that Nick would be the first person to greet him when he left Kaitlyn’s suite. Such an obvious set up, but really an effective one. From there, things just got worse, with Shawn and Nick continuing the pissing match they had on last week’s episode.

The main thesis of this story seems to be this: Shawn can certainly dish it out, but he absolutely can’t take it. Last week’s fight had Shawn barging into Nick’s room to tell him what a manipulative, “there-for-the-wrong-reasons” nightmare he is, and Nick stayed fairly calm while his character was being completely assaulted. This time around, things where very different. You see, Shawn isn’t too happy that Nick told Kaitlyn about Shawn’s player reputation down in Nashville, where he lives —Apparently, Shawn has bragged about being “Eskimo brothers” with a famed country singer. During this latest argument, Nick totally kept his cool, but Shawn freaked out at being called out, and Nick’s cool made Shawn even angrier.

Let’s not pretend that either guy has the edge on morality here. In staying calm, cool, and collected, Nick was completely trying to get Shawn’s goat, and Shawn is acting like a possessive, jealous jerk at a time when he is on a show where he is literally dating the same girl as 25 other guys. You don’t get to be demanding on The Bachelorette , dude! How does that jealousy extend to the real world? Will Kaitlyn be allowed to go to the bar with her galpals? It’s also worth noting that Shawn refuses to call Nick by his name, instead referring to him as “The Other Guy.” Are we 28 or just 8, you guys?

The real loser in all of this is Kaitlyn. Though she claims that she’s in love, I hope she reconsiders and picks neither Nick nor Shawn (especially Shawn). Both guys seem way too immature for a successful, long-term relationship, and Kaitlyn would do better to look elsewhere.

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Images: Craig Sjodin/ABC (2)