11 Leonardo DiCaprio GIFs That Will Encourage You To Live Your Best Life

Look, I think it's time we stop feeling sad for Leonardo DiCaprio. I know, I know — but hear me out before you gather the angry, pitchfork-wielding mob. No, Leo doesn't have an Oscar, and yeah, he probably (OK definitely) should by now, but do you really think he sits around brooding about it? Please. Leonardo DiCaprio is out there living his best life, and I'm willing to bet he wants you to do the same. Even on your crappiest day.

Sure, Sad Leo is a fun nickname, but he's not ALWAYS sad. DiCaprio is out there inspiring change with his environmental activism and snagging A-list roles like it's NBD. And right now? I bet he's off having the best summer vacay EVER and rocking whatever hairstyle he damn well pleases. (My money's on a man bun.)

Sure, the 40-year-old actor has a penchant for playing some seriously sad dudes in his films, but he can't help the talents he was blessed with. (He's very good at crying!) And they're not always that bummed. Before he froze into a sexy popsicle, Jack Dawson was the funnest guy in any room on the Titanic. And his character Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street may have been phenomenally disturbed in many ways, but no one can say that he didn't know how have a good time.

But whatever, the proof is in the GIFs, folks. I now bring you 11 awesome Leo GIFs from his best movies — here to remind you even on your worst day that life is short, so you better make it count.

1. Stop And Smell The Flowers...

And then prance through them with not a care in the world!

2. Try Something New

You never know what you could be good at. For example, ice carving.

3. Have A Little Perspective

Don't sweat the small stuff, 'cause it's all small stuff.

4. If You're In A Funk, Snap Out Of It!

Pull yourself together! Tomorrow is a new day!

5. Raise Your Glass To The Good Things In Your Life

There's so much to celebrate all around you!

6. And If Things Aren't Going Your Way...

Raise a glass anyway. If it's not OK, it's not the end.

7. Sure, You Might Raise TOO Many Glasses...

But that's OK, too — we've all been there, Leo included.

8. Shrug It Off And Start Again

Life's too short to be embarrassed!

9. Because Life Can Be A Gas

If you've got a healthy, Leo-style sense of humor.

10. So Just Say Yes

When the opportunities present themselves, don't be scared!

11. Go Live Your Best Life!

There's a lot of world out there to conquer. But you can totally do it, and Leo can't wait to see you thrive.

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