5 Surprising Things That Cause Baldness In Women, From Stress To Tight Ponytails

If you've ever pulled your hair back into a ponytail only to discover a handful of hair, you're not alone. According to the American Hair Loss Association, women make up over 40 percent of hair loss sufferers, and there are several surprising things that cause baldness in women. Before you freak out over another shower drain full of hairs, read through this list.

Few hair loss causes are untreatable, but going to a doctor is obviously the first step in developing a proper treatment plan. Maybe you have really good insurance and can even book an appointment with Dr. Kanye? I kid, I kid, but seriously, stop panicking and go make an appointment.

1. Iron Deficiency

The Guardian shared iron-deficiencies can trigger anemia and lead to hair loss. Sorry fellow vegetarians and vegans, but we have to be extra sure we're getting enough iron to prevent this kind of hair loss! On the bright side, it's a reason to shamelessly devour bowls of vitamin-enriched cereals. Noms.

2. Traumatic Stress

What Mayo Clinic terms "trigger events," traumatic physical or emotional experiences (like suffering from an eating disorder) could potentially lead to temporary but dramatic hair loss.

3. Hairstyles That Pull On Your Scalp

Hairstyles like Kylie Jenner's recent cornrows, tight ponytails, weaves, and extensions tug continually on hair follicles and can ultimately cause premature hairline receding. I'm going to pretend I don't know that and choose to continue rocking my post-shower top knot.

4. Birth Control Pills

This is unlikely, but high-androgen birth control pills have been linked to hair loss in some instances. The bigger issue here, though, is hormonal changes. Beyond pills, an imbalance due to thyroid problems, ovarian cysts, or pregnancy might cause hair loss.

5. Scalp Infection

Ringworm, the same fungus that causes athlete's foot, can actually cause hair loss if there's a spot of it on your scalp! Ugh. But, as soon as it's treated, your hair will grow back no problem.

If you are currently struggling with hair loss, hang in there. It might take a little time, but chances are high your locks will grow back juuuuuust fine.

So yeah, viva la top knot!

Image Credit: Lauren Rushing, Monik Markus/Flickr; AJ Cakes, Kylie Jenner/Instagram