9 'Friends' GIFs For All Of Your Dating Woes, From Bad Kissers To Being "On A Break"

Let's face it: dating isn't easy. Luckily, for those avid fans of the '90s sitcom, Friends, we have a plethora of episodes to pair with our consolatory glasses of pinot noir after returning from even the most abominable of romantic encounters. Although the sextet spent 10 seasons catalyzing laughs, the series also showcased some of the most dismal of dating woes that we could all relate to. Ross and Rachel initially helmed the series as the most swoon-worthy coupling, but the pair also faced the vexing trials of being an on-again, off-again couple with the same group of friends. And don't even get me started on the whole "we were on a break" argument — that's the freaking worst! The show also spun tales of common problems many 20 and 30-something singles face, from pretending to be "fine" when your ex moves on to somebody else, to food-sharers, to marriage countdowns, and everything in between.

Regardless of the dating trials you have experienced, there is nary a situation that Friends didn't cover. Thanks to the beauty of the internet, there are also a slew of Friends GIFs that speak to all of our romantic troubles. In celebration of Friends and that oft nightmarish world known as "dating," lets take a look at nine glorious GIFs to remind us that — no matter how rough romance gets — there are still plenty of people who will always "be there for you." Enjoy!

When You Pretend You're Over Your Crush Or Ex-BF/GF

Oh, that guy or girl who rejected you is coming to [insert friend's name here] party tonight? That's cool! (Cue immediate beeline to margaritas made of sadness and denial.)

When You're Single & Walk In On Your Roommate/Friend/Family Member Getting Horizontal With A Random

What better way to remind you of your lackluster marital status than being traumatized by the sight of a beloved friend doing the nasty?

When Your Date Is An Infuriating Food-Sharer

I once dated a guy who would take a bite out of each and every food item I ordered BEFORE I EVEN GOT TO TASTE IT. His rejoinder was, "I'm testing this for poison." Ahahahahaha...BYE.

When You're Stalking An Ex's Facebook & Accidentally Click "Like" On One Of Their Photos

Say it with me now: NOOOOOO!!!!

When You First Start To Really Like Someone & Can't Handle The Intensity

Infatuation is quite the emotional rollercoaster ride — amiright??

When All Your Friends Are Getting Coupled Up & Married & You're Still Dealing With Tinder Nightmares

I know that feel, bro.

When The Date Went Awesome, But The Kiss Was Terrible


When You Drunkenly Marry Your Ex In Vegas

Hopefully, this one is something not too many of us can relate to.

When You're In A Real-Life Ross & Rachel Situation

Watching Ross and Rachel's on-again, off-again romance is great binge-watching fodder. In real life, however, breaking up and getting back together, followed by more breaking up and getting back together is downright exhausting.

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