Kim Kardashian Proudly Admits 20 Pound Weight Gain

Under attack by some vicious rumors of carrying out a fake pregnancy, Kim Kardashian is experiencing something slightly similar to the ridiculous amounts of rumors and conspiracy videos that circulated in 2011 around Beyoncé's pregnancy. But on Friday night, Kardashian took to Twitter to speak out against the claims being made that she was "too skinny" to actually be pregnant with her second child.

Kardashian's Tweet is lighthearted in nature, clarifying that her baby bump is finally visible and she "can't hide it now." I feel Kim Kardashian isn't appreciated enough for her honesty about her body image, and in this Tweet she again proves herself as nothing but honest about her life. And she's at least partially body positive. Her openness and casualness with announcing a 20 pound weight gain is admirable. Especially considering her issues with her weight and self image since giving birth to North West.

Unfortunately, Kim Kardashian also gives off some serious body shaming vibes in her Tweet, as she admits to "secretly loving" the rumors about being too thin to be pregnant. Instead of being furious over false pregnancy allegations, Kardashian says that she enjoyed the rumors purely because they said she was too thin to possibly be pregnant. Through this, she implies that being skinny is the best body type to be — thus body shaming those who don't fit into sizeist beauty standards.

However, Kardashian is probably just reveling in the fact that this time around, she isn't being viciously fat shamed by tabloid newspapers and that the media is reporting her pregnancy from a completely different angle. Personally, I hope that Kim Kardashian doesn't succumb to media and social pressures to stay trim and toned during this pregnancy and does whatever she feels necessary to be comfortable and happy. After all, pregnancy is literally the best excuse to do nothing but eat everything. Nobody should have to be bullied because of choosing that route while literally growing another human being inside them.

Images: KimKardashian/Instagram; KimKardashian/Twitter