You Have To Hear Kelly Clarkson's "Jealous" Cover

Pop music fans rejoice, because Kelly Clarkson offered audience members a special treat during her concert at Radio City Music Hall in New York by covering fellow singer Nick Jonas' hit single "Jealous." Clarkson absolutely nailed the rendition, because of course she did, and the fan video of the performance posted to YouTube is one that you're probably going to end up replaying several times ever. Yeah, sorry if you have things to do get done today — Clarkson's version of the song is pretty much as addictive as the original hit.

As if the phenomenal cover isn't enough to brighten your day, Clarkson preceded the performance by telling audience members, "[Jonas and I are] going to be touring Canada once we finish here in the states." Excuse me while I plan my Canadian escapade for what I'm sure is a must-see show.

Clarkson has long made a habit of killing any track she sets her sights on, but she's far from the first singer to impress when taking on Jonas' addictive hit. Taylor Swift is one pop icon who put her own sassy spin on the track, and others have offered stripped down versions, proving that the hit track is basically impossible to get tired of. Seriously, guys, I think I've listened to it 5,000 times at this point and I still exclaim, "YAS!" any time I hear it come on the radio.

In celebration of this phenomenal ear candy, let's take a look at seven of the best "Jealous" covers the internet has bestowed upon us. You. Are. Welcome.

1. Jessie Ware

Ware infused the Jonas hit with some jazzy undertones in a cover that is simply beautiful.

2. Chris Jamison

Adam Levine could barely stay out of his seat during Jamison's cover on The Voice — and it's easy to see why. Jamison absolutely slayed the track, hitting every note imaginable in a smooth, swoon-worthy performance.

3. Taylor Swift

Talk about the ultimate twofer! Swift invited Jonas to perform his hit alongside her during a concert for her 1989 World Tour. The "Bad Blood" singer offered some of her signature sass to the rendition, and I officially want these two to record a duet together ASAP.

4. Ne-Yo

Ne-Yo being Ne-Yo needed little more than a guitar to slay "Jealous" in this acoustic cover. The sultry rendition showcased the R&B singer's inimitable vocal range, making this cover one you're probably going to want to listen to on a continuous loop.

5. Conrad Sewell

Australian singer and songwriter Sewell may knock you out of your seat (in the best way possible) with his killer falsetto during this cover.

6. Tahj Mowry

Actor, dancer, and singer Mowry has basically become a master at covering hit songs, with a plethora of ear candy available on his official YouTube channel. His signature rasp and coquettish looks fit the track perfectly. Well done!

7. Austin Mahone

While Mahomies eagerly await the "Mmm Yeah" singer's upcoming album, Mahone offered this treat on his Instagram a few months back. The video is only 46 seconds (darn!) but that's more than enough time to see the prodigious crooner knows how to slay this tune, hitting that high note and also showcasing some piano skills.

Who will take on "Jealous" next? It seems to be quickly taking on the title of "song of the summer," and I, for one, couldn't be more excited.

Images: VEVO; Austin Mahone/Instagram